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Home-Improvement Heat reflective coating applied to workplace roofing and walls significantly reduces the temperature inside providing a safer and more productive environment for your staff. During summer months, the re.mended indoor temperature range where work is being carried out in a non air-conditioned environment, is 21-24oC. In Australia many .mercial and industrial workplaces constructed in concrete or metal or a .bination of both, heat up to temperatures way above this range. A simple solution with long term cost effective results is to apply Insultec, Heat Reflective Paint to the roof area, and to any other areas such as western and northern walls, that are bathed in sunlight for many hours a day. Professionally applied in liquid form, this treatment forms a membrane with the ability to reduce inside temperatures by up to 47%. Developed with harsh environments such as Australia and the Middle East in mind, this unique formula, heat reflective coating is able to stop heat transfer from the external surface of a building through the roof and walls by up to 95%. The re-radiating qualities of this membrane reflect the heat from the sun, back where it came from, leaving the surface at a cooler temperature and therefore reducing the amount of heat remaining to be conducted through the material into the inside of the structure. The re.mended temperature for action to be taken to reduce the heat inside a workplace which is un-air-conditioned is 26oC, which is a temperature not hard to achieve in an Australian summer. At this point fans and improved ventilation, access to an air-conditioned rest area and more frequent rest breaks are required. And once the inside temperature reaches 30oC and beyond, further measures are required. Heat Stress caused by un.fortable working conditions has many effects on the health and output of staff and is something that every employer should try to avoid. Insultec, Heat Reflective Coating when applied to metal, concrete, asphalt or many other roofing materials, not only acts as a heat reflective membrane, but because it is applied in liquid form it is capable of bridging gaps up to 1.6mm and giving the area .plete makeover. The reflective paint is available in a range of colours, both light and dark, however lighter colours will give the best results. So what are the long term cost effective results gained from applying a heat reflective paint to those exposed areas of your building significant reduction in inside temperatures, significant reduction in cooling costs, significant reduction in staff down time, significant increase in output and a better looking building. Insultec Heat Reflective Coating is guaranteed for 10 years, what an investment! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: