He Jie 3 months crazy minus 30 pounds, and finally from Jia Ling thin piece of people! www.tubecao.com

He Jie 3 months to lose 30 pounds, finally from the Jia Ling thin people into pieces! Then He Jie was on a diet on the road all the way hurricane, just started when doing sports photos or so, the leg is still very rough body still very round. Kindly to her photo studio P thin will be caught when she said ha ha ha good upright in July with some success, looks like the tip of her chin, I also tense a lot, this dress is good ah ha ha ha ha ha Qiangjing legs look fine is a big circle, if not p…… By the year August has been used when the girls shadow, He Jie for this easy fat physique, two months thin like this really is not easy! In her own words, his whole lost two, pants from 175 to 165 it is OK, He Jie now successfully lost 30 pounds, do not have to withdraw from the entertainment world! But three months 30 pounds, the sweat and hunger had less fat people should be able to imagine, but after He Jiezhen’s weight loss has changed a lot of beauty, the tip of the chin face thin legs, motionless can shoot this beautiful red light network. Many netizens said that "He Jiemei is back! Off powder!" Originally we care about are only those 30 pounds of pork roar? Before the photo of He Jie was also made a comparison before and after the holiday, the pain, Rio, female star, He Jie as long as third, should no longer appear right this piece of black history in a short period of time. He Jie is thin, the jar went back to eat last night Hot pot, touched his belly, sad to cry out.