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Hainan Chengmai County Public Participation "to create" county face a big change – Beijing, 2016, Chengmai County of Hainan Province officially launched the "create" operation. Pictured after the creation of a supermarket like Jin Jiang center market. Fu Meibin photo Beijing, September 14 Chengmai Xinhua (reporter Fu Meibin) "I never thought in just three months time, Chengmai county has changed turn the world upside down, clean streets, with the previous difference is too big!" 14, from Hainan more than 20 new media representatives into the Chengmai County town of Jin Jiang street, Chengmai county to create a national health county experience and the creation of provincial civilized city (hereinafter referred to as the "create") to the county to bring new change. In June this year, Chengmai officially launched the creation of work. Jin Jiang Zhen Wen Hua Bei Lu is the county roads, the reporter noted that the past dirty and messy Street long gone, now on both sides of the street no longer stores the goods placed on the sidewalk in front of the street side of each store are affixed to the front of three bar, three packets of responsibility and accountability content at a glance; electric bicycle neat in the yellow line box, parked car parking spaces in the planning of the line; road vehicles, electric bicycle, pedestrian prevails. Chengmai County Traffic Police Brigade Deputy captain Ceng Defa said that in the past, tricycles, motor vehicles, electric vehicles and other vehicles across the main road, traffic and parking difficulties, the order was scratching his head, criticized the masses to carry out this year, "create" since, Chengmai County conducted a large renovation of the city main road traffic, and on both sides of the street out out of the public space for free parking, praised by the masses. According to reports, the "create" carried out in Chengmai County, the mobilization of every citizen, every business, every enterprise to participate in the action, the county set up a large number of investment funds increased garbage boxes on both sides of the road, and the masses and business owners also actively support the work of the implementation of the "door three" stop uncivilized behavior. When a reporter walked into the Jin Jiang center market, bright and spacious hall, divided into regional vegetable area, fresh area, all the stalls are "supermarket" placed on water and garbage, "Jin Jiang is one of the central market town of Jin Jiang, the two main markets, in June this year began a comprehensive renovation." A vegetable aunt told reporters that she sold vegetables in the market for nearly 10 years, before the market open sewers, garbage placed at random, flies flying, people have to buy food on tiptoe, "now the market is clean, whether people buy food, or are we selling vegetables, now feel comfortable environment a lot of." The CPC Chengmai County Committee, propaganda minister Zhou Zhonghua introduced in recent years, with the accelerating process of building and opening up of Chengmai new town, to improve the people’s living environment, improve the quality of life is more and more urgent. Chengmai county began to "create" research work from the end of last year to June this year, officially launched the "create" operation, plans to use 1 years of time, give the power of the county, to invest 80 million yuan of funds for the "create" work.. Zhou Zhonghua said that after a short period of three months of hard work, the county entered the "create"相关的主题文章: