Haikou lady sisters often borrow money to borrow 200 thousand yuan to give money for children also k yvette yates

Haikou lady sisters often borrow money to borrow 200 thousand yuan for children to kneel also money the bank has 5 million out just I was ill and I had no money to eat…… How to borrow money to their children "sisters" "sisters" not to borrow nine late lady 9 years "by" about 200000 more outrageous is the lady still kept to "borrow" (right) and the nine year old "sisters" confrontation. "The child, I give you kneel down to beg you, give me money to Jane, she is sure to 500 in case of my……" Looking at to kneel in front of 90 year old mother knees are worn, Mr. Fu brimming with anger, the mother picked up, almost every time shouted: "Mom, that person is a liar, you all these years to her about 200000, also a penny?" The two day, who lives in Haikou fraternity road Mr. Fu An can be said to be falling out of the sky, because the "borrowed" to go to the woman about 200000 yuan mom to borrow money, they stop to stop. – Southern Metropolis Daily reporter Xu Peipei Wen said the bank has to take 5 million figure fee "sisters" often borrow lady 9 years "by" about 200000 Fu An four siblings have been marry and settle down. Old mother Wu Apo 90 years old this year, good health, clear memory. The old lady could eat and sleep, can walk around outside, but also clearly know her pension and up how much money, how much income a month rent. A long time, the family wealth, a shop located in the return fraternity Road, is a woman Wu management. So, when Mr. Fu and other brothers and sisters found my mom actually unnoticed to lend money to people, more than about one hundred thousand, has become difficult to deliver the iou. Under the wise, Wu Apo took the IOU to tell the children, these money have lent a high of a woman named jane. Speaking of this high Jane, fraternity Road, many shops are neighbors shook his head. Because a lot of people know that a high price before selling coconut, do a little business, but recently about 10 years, is to borrow money everywhere. As neighbors and the situation encountered a high reason: all kinds of money Jane son was ill; I was sick; no money to eat; the bank is 5 million, take out the need to pay a fee; take the money in a car accident; money out of people killed by mafia…… In this way, Wu Apo’s money, from a few hundred dollars, a few thousand dollars, a few million, 9 years in this time, continue to "borrow" to a high of more than 20. Reporters noted that many IOU has expired, but Wu Apo said that she did not get a penny of repayment. The children found the lady’s money can actually hold the children kneel to give her money to "sisters" of a high loan for Jane, is the most used, son opened a Real Estate Company in Shanghai, there is a 5 million of the money can be taken out to Wu Apo, but this money, you need to pay the fee. But also to a bank president, director, cashier node "Commission", so that people can come up with special loans for "gold seal, a chapter of the" Jane’s son to take out 5 million.相关的主题文章: