Guo Degang micro-blog’s first brokers do not want to respond to the sound; I sentence you yell lara fabian

Guo Degang micro-blog voice   brokers responded: do not want to I sentence you yell — entertainment channel — original title: This is not the end of the two tear open! – Guo Degang yesterday after the storm, micro-blog’s first photo is sound, the sun and Mr. bean. Broker Guo Degang responded "don’t want to I sentence you yell" in recent years, about Guo Degang, Cao Yunjin this mentoring rivalry has been involved in numerous events, can be heard without end, two people also have on various occasions on the matter published remarks related to part company each going his own way, but a lot of words did not say, people also eat melon see foggy. A few days ago after Guo Degang sun Cao Yunjin, He Yunwei new genealogy will be officially removed after September 5th, Cao Yunjin published a long article "is also the time, an end to" hand Guo Degang, Guo Degang cited N crimes, including tuition fees, not to deceive the apprentice filming paycheck, called spring reporter, forced to scold scold the whole team Jiang Kun, with the help of public opinion behind stabbed, obstruction and other problems make their performance. The evening of September 5th, He Yunwei micro-blog behind Cao Yunjin, said: "today a day of work, now micro-blog gold speaks a few words. True, reasonable. I have thanked the gold! "Micro-blog, he did not forget his new publicity. Yesterday, according to the storm, the Chengdu Daily reporter Guo Degang broker Wang Hai, he said Guo Degang will not respond to the matter, "do not want to Cao Yunjin and I sentence you yell." (Wen Lu, Li Yan: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: