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Guarin back injury Moreno Greentown 0-0 Shenhua comments – Sohu in the relegation passive sports video – guarin Moreno back injury Greentown 0-0 Shenhua relegation passive trap HD: Greentown 0-0 Shenhua two gunpowder rising clashes in Beijing at 19:352016 on October 23rd Super League season, the twenty-eighth round will continue, Shanghai Shenhua will go away to challenge Hangzhou Greentown team. The first half, Moreno Shenhua guarin were injured out of the opening 2 minutes Greentown team goal was ruled invalid, eventually the two sides 0-0 draw. The Greentown after 30 points, only 1 points behind than Atado. This season, the first leg of the two rounds of competition, it is Hangzhou Greentown this season, the most difficult time, then Hangzhou Greentown 10 consecutive round can not win. The results of the game Shenhua overwhelmingly, in the 4-0 victory over Hangzhou Greentown home court. The game must be for Greentown points, because behind the Yongchang Yatai, get three points, Greentown echelon situation is very serious. With the start of the match, Greentown will very active into the attack in third minutes, Samir ball, to gabbioneta, who kicked the ball into the shooting, but offside. Seventh minutes, Zhao Yuhao took the ball, the ball off the back of the game, Chen Xiao foul to eat yellow card. Ninth minutes, Shenhua team attack, Martins pass, Moreno shot over the bar. Fifteenth minutes, Ramon back with the ball, pick pass the penalty area, the ball was confiscated by Li Shuai. Eighteenth minutes, the king came on as a substitute for the injured guarin?. Twenty-third minutes, Ramon, Wang? Pinqiang each had a yellow card foul. Twenty-sixth minutes, Greentown attack, Samir take the ball, directly to the restricted area, Li Shuai will embrace the ball. Twenty-eighth minutes to get to Cao Haiqing, gabbioneta, break the ball by the Wang Lin trip, Wang Lin booked. Thirty-first minutes, Moreno restricted the ball against the ground, but the referee did not say Moreno was injured in the challenge, to insist on being replaced by Gaudi. Shenhua even hurt two generals. Forty-second minutes, the ball Wang Lin xiadichuanzhong, king? The ball shot up directly into a defender chuliaodixian. The first half of the game both sides temporarily 0-0 flat. Easy side battles the second half. Forty-seventh minutes, Samir took the ball directly to the front, a shot, the ball was out of Li Shuaipu. Fifty-fourth minutes, Martins left foot pass, goalkeeper attack the ball. Fifty-seventh minutes, Gaudi foul to eat yellow card. Sixty-first minutes, Greentown free kick opportunity, quick free kick, Chen Bailiang took the ball directly to the restricted area, directly out of the bottom line. Sixty-seventh minutes, Martins took the ball, hit the front door of the penalty area, the ball was confiscated by the Zou Dehai. Seventy-third minutes, Shenhua substitutions, Wang Shouting replaced the Qin sheng. Seventy-eighth minutes, Greentown substitutions, substituted Feng Gang Chen Bailiang. Eighty-second minutes, Cao? Set the front Fanqiang foul booked. Eighty-fifth minutes, Luo actually changed Samir. Eventually the two sides 0-0 draw. Hangzhou Greentown round: 23- Zou Dehai; 3- 13-, 6-, Ge Zhen Spiranovi Chen Xiao, Cao Haiqing 18-, 25- 21-; Zhao Yuhao Huang Xiyang; 7- gabbioneta, 30- Sami)相关的主题文章: