Guangzhou Street police captured drug traffickers along the vines uncovered a nest of vermin (Figure 3edyy

Guangzhou Street police captured drug traffickers along the vines uncovered a nest of "vermin" (Figure) – Beijing police arrested 4 drug trafficking suspects night street Yangcheng Evening News reporter Zhang Luyao, correspondent Huang Ting, Zhang Yitao photo coverage: "stop! Don’t run!" At night, a commotion suddenly appeared in Tianhe District Long Dong Xi Jie streams of people busily coming and going: a man in the street running, three men followed, after less than two hundred meters away, the man was down to the ground…… The man was down is a drug suspect, recently, Tianhe police in "hurricane 2016" action, cut off a drug transaction chain, arrested on drug-related suspects 4, seized 24 grams of drugs. The streets after the police captured drug traffickers, continue to act within 5 hours and arrested a suspected drug trafficking suspects, wo. In August 15th 18, Tianhe police received a report from the masses, uncovered a drug trafficking case, drug traffickers arrested Lin (male, 22 years old, Guangdong Zhanjiang people). After investigation, the suspect Lin drugs are from Luo (male, 27 years old, Guangdong Guangzhou people) purchased there, "Luo Zi" is his home. So, "Lo Tsai" drugs come from? The police follow it, and gradually identified, "Luo Zi" and take the goods home "week eldest sister" (female, 50 years old, Hubei Hefeng people). The police decided to arrest Lin agreed transaction location of this group to keep traders suck. 19 PM, Tianhe Longdong street, the Street police arrest a drug suspect. 22 am, fewer pedestrians on the road. A man dressed in a black vest, a man riding a motorcycle, "little sheep" sneaking back and forth around two cross road and East Longdong Cave road crossroads. The man noticed something wrong, ready to drive away for a moment, waiting for the plainclothes police a stride forward, throat lock, shoulder throw, the man suspected of instantly fell to the ground. "Search!" The man watched the police from the right hand at the motorcycle seized 5 bags of methamphetamine, pale, rendered speechless. Deep night, the police two pronged drug. "Fast! Catch her!" The order, hidden in the big banyan longdonghe Po Street plainclothes police uniforms for the transaction traffickers "week eldest sister". The 16 day early in the morning, another way police rushed to the cave Shaoji nest near the reservoir, waiting to intercept another drug-related man. Within 5 hours, the police arrested a total of 4 drug suspects. At present, the suspect Lin, Luo, Zhou and other 3 people have been police criminal detention, illegal personnel yaomou by the police according to administrative detention and sent to compulsory rehabilitation punishment, the case is still under further investigation.相关的主题文章: