Guangzhou auto show main trolley type four new city

The Guangzhou auto show the main pushing type four car city main recommendation Phoenix car Guangzhou Guide: once a year at the Guangzhou motor show rujierzhi, many car companies will take their own car brand’s appearance, and some car companies will choose to complete the new car debut and listed on the show before, as is in the show before it start the rally during the show, can attract more people to see the car booth, is also a staggering market practices. To introduce the four cars today are the respective brand recent main push models, are in the show before the completion of the debut, coincidentally, they are of large size SUV, it seems the next medium SUV market will have some kind of a dragon and a tiger in combat. The new car market prices may not be what concessions, but during the show, the dealer said there are a package of concessions, so don’t hesitate to buy a car, click get preferential information inquiry. Four new models, the main recommendation models price highest preferential contact trumpchi GS8 16.38-25.98 million 400-068-1313, details show preferential inquiry to 8303 Renault Koleos 17.98-26.98 million, 400-188-6686 details show preferential inquiry to 6923 Peugeot 4008 18.57-27.37 million car discount, details of the inquiry 400-188-6686 9114 MITSUBISHI outlander 15.98-22.38 million details show deals, inquiry 400-188-6686 8826 tab: Phoenix car GAC trumpchi -GS8 guidance price: 16.38-25.98 million 2017 models trumpchi GS8 320T two drive GLS Phoenix car price information news: Recently, Phoenix regional editor from Guangzhou trumpchi dealers noted that the store GS8 models have a large number of cars in the sale, the main color to the store in the sale the main. During the Guangzhou international auto show Car Buying discount package, but to show the scene in Guangzhou or the 4S store for details. Interested in this car friends may wish to pay more attention to. Please see the table below: GS8 latest price quotation unit: million yuan model guidance price preferential rate of car 2017 320T two drive Elite Edition 16.38 16.38 inquiry 0 cars are plentiful 2017 Deluxe Edition 320T two drive 16.98 16.98 inquiry 0 cars are plentiful 2017 320T two drive Deluxe Edition 18.28 18.28 0 the inquiry the 2017 cars are plentiful 320T two drive 21.38 GLS 21.38 inquiry 0 cars are plentiful 2017 320T four-wheel drive luxury version of the 19.98 Zhaopin 19.98 inquiry 0 cars are plentiful 2017 four-wheel drive models 320T Extreme Edition 25.98 25.98 inquiry 0 cars are plentiful during the show more favorable international car相关的主题文章: