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Guangzhou, a father and daughter were trapped in the fire father saved the female body block fire – Sohu news said father as a mountain, a fire this morning in Guangzhou Baiyun District, just proved this sentence, a father regardless of the safety of their own body, with barrier flames, just for the sake of their own daughter! The fire occurred in the Baiyun District of Guangzhou City, New South Road two seven floor residential households. The next door neighbor said, nine am woken up after the first time out of the room and found the smoke is pouring out across the room. Neighbors immediately ran to the door, but no one should, so quickly ran downstairs, went to the six floor when there is an explosion, not loud. Rushed downstairs to know that the original fire in the room there are people who did not run out! Trapped is a pair of father and daughter, her daughter is only eight or nine years old, was scared to have been crying, in order to avoid the fire, the father and daughter climbed the security net, the situation is quite critical. Fortunately, the father did not sit still, although the big fire looks to burn himself, but he still managed to help her daughter escape. The father immediately by cable tied to her daughter, her daughter hanging to the six floor awning top, and then my dad climbed down, both father and daughter in the roof and other fire rescue. Nearby residents see this danger, but also in the laying of mattresses downstairs, just in case. After the police, fire, 120 have been present, after everyone’s joint efforts, the father was finally rescued trapped. 10:15 or so, the scene was extinguished flames, smoke gradually dispersed. Insiders said: the fire may be caused by residents of soup. The reporter then learned from Palit Street: the rescued man back is minor burns, girl does not matter, two people currently stable vital signs, as the cause of the fire, it needs further investigation.相关的主题文章: