Guangzhou 9324 buses officially opened 16wifi, 5 million passengers per day will benefit beself

Guangzhou 9324 cars officially opened 16WiFi bus every 5 million passengers will benefit WiFi bus operator 16WiFi announced today that the Guangzhou 9324 buses officially opened free bus 16WiFi, every day more than 5 million passengers will benefit. It is reported that Guangzhou has become the Ministry of public security since the implementation of new regulations, after Kunming, Fuzhou, Beijing 16WiFi, officially opened in fourth domestic city. In addition, 16WiFi has installed more than 7000 cars in Foshan, Shenzhen, Jiangmen City, the Pearl River Delta has been installed in buses covering number more than 16000 vehicles. The official opening of the 16WiFi 9324 cars covering the 70% Guangzhou city bus, including vehicles FAW, trams, fire, etc. the bus company’s treasure. According to the Beijing city 16WiFi in the early opening of the operation statistics, the average per user per day to "rub" go flow in about 100 trillion, equivalent to 10 yuan per person per day can save traffic charges; every day at least 50 people rub away traffic of more than 2G, one of the passengers more a record single day go rub 10G. As the largest bus operators and WiFi construction, 16WiFi has completed two rounds of financing totaling 438 million yuan. "Our software and hardware in Guangzhou all adopt 4 new products, Internet experience absolute and previous Guangzhou bus WiFi", 16WiFi CEO Raymond Lam said, "the intelligent hardware device on the vehicle investment amounted to 20 million yuan per month, and then to the telecom operators purchase 4G traffic into WiFi for passengers free use". According to the characteristics of public transport WiFi products in public and limited resources based on, in order to ensure 50 people online at the same time needs 16WiFi to each access equipment allocated 3 to 4 megabytes of bandwidth, the actual download rate for the highest 400k s. "Can fully meet the demand to see the video, so that everyone on the bus" nouveau riche ", said Raymond Lam. CCTV 315 party exposure for two consecutive years fishing WiFi, the safety of the public concern WiFi. Raymond Lam said, because the use of the most secure APP networking mode, and the combination of hardware and software of wireless security solutions, so in the process of networking in the passenger car inspection, testing and hardware equipment, 16WiFi APP, the system will automatically, a number of multi background, once found a suspected phishing WiFi, immediately issued a "safety warning to the passengers, but also to the alarm system background.

广州9324辆车正式开通公交16WiFi 每天500万乘客将受益公交WiFi运营商16WiFi今日宣布,广州9324辆公交车正式开通免费公交16WiFi,每天超过500万人次乘客将因此受益。据悉,广州成为公安部网安新规实施以来,16WiFi继昆明、福州、北京后,在国内正式开通的第四个城市。此外, 16WiFi在佛山、深圳、江门等城市已安装了7000多辆车,珠江三角洲公交车安装覆盖数已在16000辆以上。此次正式开通16WiFi的9324辆车基本覆盖了广州市70%的公交车,包括一汽、二汽、电车、新穗、珍宝等公交公司旗下车辆。根据16WiFi在先期开通的北京等城市运营情况统计,平均每位用户每天“蹭”走的流量在100兆左右,相当于每人每天可节省10元流量费;每天至少有50人蹭走的流量在2G以上,有一位乘客更创下了单日蹭走10G的最高纪录。作为国内最大的公交WiFi建设和运营商,16WiFi迄今已完成两轮共计4.38亿元融资。“我们在广州的软硬件全部采用最新的4.0产品,上网体验绝对和广州以往的公交WiFi不同”,16WiFi公司CEO林峰表示,“车上的智能硬件设备投入即达2000万元,每月再向电信运营商采购4G流量,转化为WiFi供乘客免费使用”。据介绍,基于公交WiFi产品公共性和资源有限性的特点,为保证50人同时在线的需求,16WiFi向每个接入设备分配3至4兆的带宽,实际下载速度为最高400k s。“完全可以满足看视频的需求,让大家在公交车上做‘土豪’”,林峰说。央视315晚会连续两年曝光钓鱼WiFi,使得公共WiFi的安全性备受关注。林峰介绍说,因为采用了最安全的APP连网方式,以及软硬件结合的安全无线解决方案,所以在乘客的连网过程中,车上硬件设备、16WiFi APP、系统后台会自动进行多方、多项的检测和查验,一旦发现疑似钓鱼WiFi,马上会向乘客发出“安全警示”,同时也会向系统后台报警。相关的主题文章: