GREE is set by the plan, not only let Dong Mingzhu angry let Shenzhen cannot read 霍金hawking

GREE is set by the plan, not only let Dong Mingzhu angry let Shenzhen "cannot read" November 1st news, Dong Mingzhu at the EGM’s video spread through social networks. GREE October 28th extraordinary general meeting on the consideration, GREE electric acquisition program was adopted, the program will increase the amount of fund-raising is not. Dong Mingzhu’s behind not because the approach when there is no applause, is the essence of GREE Electric’s shareholders will be as many as 15 of the motion was not. This review results also drew attention to the Shenzhen stock exchange. Dong Mingzhu in October 31st, the Shenzhen securities Exchange Company management department issued a letter to the attention of Zhuhai GREE electric Limited by Share Ltd, GREE electric two issues: the issue of shares to buy assets related to the motion on the whole is found to be passed, if yes, please explain further whether it complies with the relevant provisions in the "restructuring management approach"; the follow-up arrangements of transactions, whether to continue promote the transaction program, intends to make adjustments such as whether plan, and a clear description of the follow-up would be in accordance with the rules of the "restructuring management approach" and other requirements. The Shenzhen stock exchange requires GREE to make a written reply before November 4th. GREE is set by the plan, not only let Dong Mingzhu angry let Shenzhen "cannot read" in September 23rd this year, GREE disclosure "issued shares to buy assets and raise matching funds connected transaction report (Revised Draft)" ("report") said, intends to issue shares in Zhuhai Yinlong all 21 shareholders in 13 billion yuan price, purchase its holdings of Zhuhai silver long 100% of the total equity; at the same time, GREE also intends to Zhuhai GREE Group Co. Ltd., GREE electric ESOP 8 specific investors in non-public offering of shares, raising not more than 9 billion 694 million yuan, for Zhuhai long silver project construction. However, the deal did not get to shareholders, GREE October 30th evening announcement, announced the results of the voting shareholders meeting on the Zhuhai silver long acquisition, issue shares to buy assets related to the motion poise, but to raise matching funds related bill failed to get through. In October 31st, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange announcement, because GREE may have a greater impact on stock prices, no public disclosure of significant events, the company stock on October 31st opening date of suspension, to be published in the company after the resumption of the relevant announcement.相关的主题文章: