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Grandma gave 7 months baby eat Steamed Buns dipped in soup, I cried! Sohu – mother a few days ago, Mr. Du went to visit, but accidentally found a grandma to their grandchildren to eat Steamed Buns dipped in soup, the baby was less than 7 months, how can eat Steamed Buns dip soup? Grandma said this is quite upset, because treasure mothers milk is less and less, and work for a long time, also do not come back at noon feeding, the child is hungry no way, but it is less likely to do the cooking, soup with Steamed Buns casually eat well, anyway, the children eat less. I’m afraid that grandma, be too numerous to enumerate. This is why there are many reasons why the two treasure mother dead live all have to resign with the baby, that is home to two treasure have patience and care. Do you think the baby can eat enough? Don’t you know that some babies can’t eat? One case: drink honey or syrup downstairs old lady said recently do not love to drink water, so as to drink honey water, now a little white boiling water do not drink, do not add sugar or honey drink. I was shocked, the baby is less than 1 years old, even drink honey water! Baby too much honey can not stand the taste of honey, there will be a variety of unexpected reactions, some parents feel that sweet is a good thing, but it is not harmful to their children do not know what! Case two: premature children to eat salt has a treasure mother and I accuse her mother do food is too light, she said his mouth is too heavy, can not help but want to eat, want to eat pickles, pickled vegetables with every meal. I said during feeding eat less salt is also good, after all, before 3 months if the absorption of too much salt, a great impact on the baby’s kidney, I advise eating regular meals, the mother didn’t know that, even if the baby started to eat food supplement, have less salt. Case three: give the child to eat pickled food pickled fish is on the table at home, every time to eat pickled fish, small C grandma love to get out of the small C, also said the pickled is delicious, have to keep. However, the small C is only 3 years old ah, she simply can not eat pickled food, but Grandma secretly to her every time to eat, do not know what is the nitrite in pickled food carcinogens? Try not to eat until 10 years old! Case four: eat egg excess from the beginning of the 7 month, grandma sugar began to eat the sugar Steamed Egg Custard, then three times a day to eat, eat, eat more sugar, crying was more severe, and finally spit out, grandma does not know what is going on, just think sugar love trouble, until one day the sugar mother saw persuaded down. Adults eat an egg a day is enough, not to mention the child, and some children allergic to egg white, can only eat protein, but parents, it seems that many people do not know. Case five: fried food to eat Shandong people like to eat fried things. Most children love to T grandma to eat fried eggplant, feel the meat dishes of noodles taste, but do not know there is a kind of fried food may be carcinogenic chemicals. And deep fried cake or fried Deep-Fried Dough Sticks, but also pay attention to the traditional method because it Deep-Fried Dough Sticks and fried fried cake, adding alum, alum containing aluminum, aluminum is not good stuff, if you stay in the baby’s body, not only bone)相关的主题文章: