Google and apple to withdraw twitter shares plunged 20% zibba

Google and apple to withdraw Twitter shares plunged 20% Sina Technology News Beijing on October 7th news, Thursday’s closing Twitter shares fell 20.1%, to close at $19.87, the market value has shrunk nearly $3 billion. Because of the potential bidders and fewer late Wednesday Twitter has fell more than 10%. Informed sources, Twitter has been informed of the potential bidders, hoping to release third quarter earnings in October 27th before the company completed the sale negotiations. But the media reported on Wednesday, Google, Disney and other well-known Apple company has said it has no intention of bidding. Only one possible acquirer is Salesforce (SAIF), although the latter did not publicly expressed the intention to acquire Twitter. Benioff CEO (Marc) on Wednesday, said in an interview with CNBC, said: Twitter Benioff is an exciting product, but it is clear that the business faces many challenges." It seems that Salesforce’s attitude is also reserved. Wednesday at Mizuho Securities analyst pointed out that if the acquisition of the Twitter tournament, this enterprise software vendors will therefore detract from the value of 12 billion -170 billion, equivalent to the total value of 20-25%. In addition, even if the progress is good, it will take two to three years to return to the transaction. In the tournament when earlier this week at Dreamforce conference, Mizuho said is still optimistic about the company’s core market growth momentum is still bullish on the stock performance. However, Mizuho pointed out that whether in FTSE mergers and acquisitions more clear before, the stock investors should not too radical.相关的主题文章: