golden week credit card spending 881 billion 900 million high the amount of the transa misao

  golden week 881 billion 900 million innovative consumer credit card high   7 days trading volume grew 36%– fashion — drawing: Guo Xiang China cup 8 released during the National Day holiday, UnionPay card transaction data, October 1st to 7, UnionPay network total transaction amount reached 881 billion 900 million yuan, the total number of transactions 570 million pen, compared to the same period last year increased by 36% and 14%, to a record over the years the golden week high. Daily consumption continued to be active, "The Belt and Road trading volume growth significantly along the countries and regions from the consumption structure, during the national bank card daily consumer still maintain a high growth rate, hotel catering, travel and shopping and other consumer industries relatively strong demand. Guizhou, Ningbo and Xinjiang this year’s National Day golden week is the fastest growing consumer spending area, representing an increase of more than 50% over the same period last year. In terms of daily consumption of residents, supermarkets, department stores and large household appliances, such as the daily sales representative of the consumer class is more active, the number of transactions increased by 22%. Zouqinfangyou, family reunion also promoted the rise of National Day holiday 7 days of food consumption, the number of transactions rose 33%. UnionPay released travel travel card transaction data show that during the golden week, the national scenic spot ticket and hotel spending grew by 46% and the number of pens, respectively, compared with the same period in. Aviation, railways and highways and other passenger spending totaled 78%, of which the highest increase in road, up to 102%. Shanghai, Heilongjiang and Shandong, the largest increase in passenger ticket sales volume, becoming the most obvious growth in travel during the golden week. At the same time, because most of the country weather, launched the highway toll free Huimin policy, and drives the driving gas related 48% growth in consumer items, including Tibet, Shanghai and Hainan area, an increase of more than 100% maximum. In recent years, the growing popularity of private cars, as well as the introduction of high-speed passenger bus free Huimin policy, self driving travel favored." Chinese UnionPay Data Analyst Chen Han believes that in recent years the Golden Week travel bank card transaction growth, reflecting the continued upgrading of the tourism consumption hot and consumption from one side, is also an important manifestation of constant improvement of people’s living standard. Overseas consumption data show that during the golden week this year, compared with Japan, South Korea, Thailand and other short haul outbound destinations, in Canada, Britain, Spain, Russia, on behalf of the western countries is more favored by tourists. With "UnionPay Belt and Road Initiative along the countries and regions continue to expand the scope of the local card, UnionPay card transaction volume increased significantly. Card payment innovation environment continues to improve, more popular data also showed that with the continuous improvement of China’s bank card with the card environment, more and more consumers will brush bank card as the main payment means of daily consumption, some innovative payment methods are also subject to more consumers. Chen Han introduction, with the Ministry of Commerce announced the national retail and catering enterprises consumption of 10.7% compared to the same period, the growth rate of the Internet trading volume faster, which reflects the national bank card acceptance environment相关的主题文章: