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Travel-and-Leisure Sydney Vacations – Luna Park An insignia of the splendid Sydney city and a point from where you can view the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge, the Luna Park is worth a visit while on a vacation in Sydney, Australia. Since its inauguration in 1935, the Luna Park has been acting as a mag. for all age groups and its popularity has been increasing with each passing day. Your children would love you for taking them to Luna Park as they will enjoy themselves like crazy on the wide assortment of entertaining rides. One of the best things about the Luna Park is that you dont have to pay any entrance fee in order to visit the place. There is an unlimited rides pass which you can avail to enjoy all the rides but inevitably time runs out way too quickly in Luna Park so you should carefully plan with your family what sort of rides you want to take for maximum fun. Sydney Vacations – The Amazing Sydney Opera House One of the best things about vacationing in Sydney, Australia is visiting the awesome Sydney Opera House that stands out among the variety of attractions in the beautiful city. If you want to visit Australia for your next vacation, the Sydney Opera House in Sydney is the place worth visiting as you will get to know about the chronological landmarks in music and local culture. The .anized tours allow you to know all about the Sydney Opera House, shows you videos in the halls, and the concert hall visits will let you have at look at the magnificence of the architecture. As the tickets are sold out many days before the tours, you must book yourself on an early basis for the visit to the Sydney Opera House. The people who have visited the place claim the backstage tour to be the best part of the trip, so you must put the Sydney Opera House Tour in your plan for a perfect vacation. View the Underwater Beauty in the Sydney Aquarium A public aquarium, the Sydney Aquarium is located in the city of Sydney in New South Wales and consists of a large variety of Australian aquatic life by display over 650 species (which means more than 6,000 individual fish and other sea creatures!). The famous interesting and tourist-attracting feature of the Sydney Aquarium is its long see-through tunnels of acrylic glass that provide you amazing views of the sea above your head while sharks swim by as the Great Barrier Corel Reef surrounds you. The exhibits allow you to view a wide range of never-seen-before sea creatures plus cute penguins, Dugong habitats, mermaid lagoons, saltwater crocodiles and the Murray-Darling river system. The price for entrance tickets for the Sydney Aquarium varies from age to age; adults are required to pay $34. 95 while children are allowed to enter at $17. 95. You can avail to great discounts during the holiday seasons when the prices are cut down to a noticeable level. Behold the Great at the Australian Reptile Park! The Australian Reptile Park is located in Somersby on the central side of the New South Wales in Australia and is popular for providing home to a huge list of reptiles that include lizards, snakes and crocodiles plus other Australian wildlife like kangaroos, cassowaries and Tasmanian Devils. You will be pleased to know that the Australian Reptile Park is a life-saver in regards of collecting venom from the snakes and spiders and producing Antivenom for bitten victims. You will certainly enjoy your time here in the Australian Reptile Park by watching small lizards, snakes and crocodiles; but stay on the safe side and keep away from the cage. At the Australian Reptile Park, there is one figure that everyone loves to see and that is Ploddy the skeleton diplodocus that is a huge lover of media and tourist attention. The Australian Reptile Park is public property and allows you to enter its premises for less than $30 for adults and less than $20 for children. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: