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Fund managers Nuggets structured market Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Reporter Li Liang – the Shanghai Composite Index near 3000 points, A shares within a narrow range, hot spots scattered and difficult to continue, so that investment fund managers the difficult choices. In this context, many fund managers pay more attention to the depth of mining "structural" market, tries to in-depth study by industry and stock performance, find the relative uncertainty of higher stock key configuration, as much as possible to obtain excess returns. Everbright Baode letter of new impetus to the industry’s flexible configuration hybrid fund aspiring fund manager Tian Dawei pointed out that the current role of Merrill Lynch Investment clock in the weakening of the investment needs new thinking. Baode Everbright Investment research team has been keen to observe new power industry mainly from the back end market, supply contraction and stock substitution, efficiency growth way, the company will use the power of outstanding talent shows itself will also fund investment, create opportunities. Hard to break the pattern of repeated shocks index rangebound, so fund managers through market operation to obtain income becomes difficult, fund managers and even the current market trend is described as "chicken ribs" market. Tian Dawei said that the stock market trend can be divided into two stages: the first phase is expected to promote the reform and liquidity ample; the second stage is to enhance the performance of listed companies to promote. At present, the stock market in China convergence at the first stage and the second stage, prone to "lean" type of shocks, especially with some leveraged funds, short tools, shock will be magnified, the confidence of the market needs time to recover. "The first stage and the second stage of the convergence process may be long. This process depends on its economic policy to adjust the temperature and toughness, strength, the external economic environment." The reform drive Fortis fund manager Zhou Xuejun said that this year, A shares trend can be "sustained concussion" to summarize: easing the financial side, interest rates down, asset shortage, CPI modest rebound factors such as a supporting role to market; supply side reforms to improve the supply structure of traditional industries, the relevant corporate profits have improved; on the other hand, after last year’s bull market, many growth stocks, the transformation of economic growth in the valuation bubble, there are some worries, restricting the index further upward. He believes that the next one or two months, the structure of the stock market volatility is difficult to break the pattern of differentiation. Looking for structural opportunities to shock the city to obtain income more difficult, so that fund managers are increasingly concerned about the structure of the hidden investment opportunities. Tian Dawei believes that the current can be identified is relatively ample liquidity, so the market structure of many opportunities, such as the back end of the car market, supply side reform, SOE reform, etc.. China and the United States health care fund aspiring fund manager Glenn will structure locked in the health care industry. Wang pointed out that in the healthcare industry, concern innovation, export, medical service, health industry four small molecular field, especially in innovation and export, industrial upgrade has already begun, related to the company on相关的主题文章: