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Arts-and-Entertainment Frank H. Crerie is an experienced businessman and has founded several businesses in his successful career of more than 55 years. Some of the companies with which he has been involved include Mundoro Mining, Doreal Oil and Gas, White Shield Oil and Gas, Corriente Mining, Minbanco. Under his guidance, he helped business ventures to reach new heights of success and gain excellent profits. An expert in the fields of investment banking, venture capital and corporate finance industry, he also served as a Director of Molina Mineral Exploration and was also the co-founder and financer of American Tidelands, Standard Uranium and Stan rock Uranium. A lifelong entrepreneur, Frank H. Crerie , has been involved in initial public offerings serving as a co-founder and controlling shareholder on various major stock exchanges such as New York, London, American, Toronto, Vancouver and Alberta Stock Exchanges. At least two of his companies were listed on the American Exchange and more than five were listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and Vancouver Exchange. He founded and held the position of Chairman of White Shield Oil and Gas and the company was listed on LSE, TSE and NYSE. Frank H. Crerie has started numerous companies which have attained great success in their chosen fields. While serving as a President of Crerie & Co. from 1951 to 1963, Frank H. Crerie underwrote and developed several resource projects globally. Along from his business ventures, Frank H. Crerie regularly donates to various humanitarian organizations and charities on local and national levels. He has also donated to Child Help USA and Arizona State Universitys Art Department. He has made donations to Scottsdale Contemporary Art Museum as well. Frank H. Crerie is also an artist and in his free time, he likes to paint abstract art and gifts his paintings to family and friends. He holds a B.A. degree from Columbia University, and also attended the Columbia University Law School. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: