Founder medium-term concern downstream demand PVC rise in space restorator

Founder medium-term: focus on the downstream demand rise space PVC client view the latest quotes from late August, the surface of the PVC is affected by the downstream demand is not strong spot into the highs pattern, but less than two weeks in the maintenance of the market rebound. Since the beginning of September to maintain the basic prices, turnover rose slightly, stable, stable cash flow positions. Stock market outlook continues to follow the trend of demand in the downstream market, the market outlook may still have some room to rise, the main contract pressure above the pressure of 6000 yuan. A fundamental analysis, market analysis, 1 upstream PVC has two kinds of mode of production, namely, calcium carbide and ethylene, and by the upstream price of crude oil and carbide spot prices to reflect more domestic using calcium carbide as raw material. Calcium carbide, last week, part of the price of calcium rose again. Although the late August first round of Environmental Protection Inspectorate has gradually withdraw from Inner Mongolia and Ningxia, but then Inspectorate Yo to start the second round of inspections, and the capacity to adjust the structure, macro background, environmental pressure will continue to exist. Calcium carbide production had increased, but the situation is still tight, the price of coke and calcium carbide upstream coal will continue to support the price of calcium carbide; PVC calcium carbide enterprises serious shortage of freight; in addition the rise is also bullish factors. Figure 2-1 figure 2-2 crude oil spot price to the purchase price of calcium carbide (middle price) (source: wind information, founder mid Institute) 2, the spot market analysis of recent Asian PVC market participants in the atmosphere is calm, sentiment is strong, the mainstream price stability, CFR Chinese up $5 a ton to $860-865 ton, CFR Southeast Asia remain at $860-865 CFR tons, the India market remain at $925-927 ton. Chinese market supply is tight, the price will be supported. The domestic PVC spot market last week began to pick up, the first is the Southern China area led the east along with rose, then the PVC enterprises in Shandong, Hebei and other regions have also bid; trading prices gradually active atmosphere. Last week, the stock market rally, the main reason is the shortage of raw materials from calcium carbide and the bullish factors, due to the rising freight transport, early traders none other shipments caused decline in inventories. As of last Thursday, the ordinary 5 types of electricity from the mainstream of the proposed price of 6028 yuan per ton, compared with last week rose by $104 tons (1.76%); ethylene PVC mainstream price of 6477 yuan per ton, compared with last week rose by $13 tons (0.2%). According to Zhuo statistics show that as of September 8th last week PVC overall operating rate of 69.12%, the chain increased 1.54%, of which: calcium carbide PVC operating rate of 66.34%, an increase of 1.65%; ethylene PVC operating rate unchanged at 74.56%, an increase of 0.66%. Last week, PVC enterprises operating rate rose slightly, the recent Inner Mongolia Jilantai calcium carbide production capacity of 40 tons and the grain production capacity of 30 tons of stone mining electric parking maintenance, is expected to start next week to reply. This week may continue the trend of strong shocks. Figure 2-3 note.相关的主题文章: