Former owner of the real estate supermarket in Wuhan to steal cigarettes do not think it is a big ev-海思k3v2

The former real estate boss Wuhan supermarket workers stole cigarettes not claiming to think big newspaper news (reporter correspondent Liu Zhiyu Li Pengcheng) 16, Jiangxia in a supermarket in 5 with a total value of nearly a thousand cigarettes stolen, the police access to surveillance found that the theft is the clerk wang. That the results of the survey, the supermarket boss shouted "I think". Originally, Pharaoh had a Shanghai real estate company boss, his son to take care of the business after the supermarket work come to pass the time. In September 16th 17 PM, Jiangxia district police station bridge received a supermarket owner alarm: in the afternoon closing inventory, found the warehouse 5 cigarettes a total value of nearly 1000 yuan take wings to itself. The police rushed to the supermarket Hu Quqiang learned that the investigation, 7 am in the morning, the shop staff surnamed Wang had opened the door to the warehouse keeper, alone to move the goods into the warehouse. Police access to the monitoring period, Wang found the move finished, a water bottle in the box out of the warehouse. It is strange that, after the warehouse, he did not take the box to the store or thrown into the trash, but went straight to his dormitory. Police judge Wang suspected of committing the crime, be summoned to the police station. That Pharaoh is suspect, be startled at the supermarket boss. He said, more than and 20 days ago, a friend Wang to work in the shop, a monthly salary of less than 2000 yuan handyman work, but he did flavorfully. I only know that the 55 year old Wang has been operating a real estate company in Shanghai and a partner, with assets of more than 10 million yuan, his family was well off. Not long ago, he handed over the business to his son to return to Jiangxia pension. Spare time, times feel boring life, ask friends to help them contact a job, no matter how much money, can pass the time on the line". The supermarket boss said that although Wang in the supermarket every day clothes are quite odd jobs, bright, is often mistaken for the customer supermarket boss, no matter how doubt, doubt not to Pharaoh who". In the police station, in the face of the police inquiry, well-dressed Wang admitted that 5 cigarettes is taken, "did not feel what is big, is on a whim". He recalled that after moving the goods in the morning, see the warehouse there are 5 cigarettes, they easily put into the waste paper box, pretending to take back the garbage back to the dormitory. Subsequently, accompanied by the police, Wang took out 5 cigarettes from the dormitory bed. Currently, Wang was sentenced to 5 days of detention by police for theft. That the results of this punishment, Wang regret as if wakening from a dream.相关的主题文章: