Former German President Wulf China can learn from the German SME development model 南天国银币有什么用

Former German President Wulf: China can learn from the German small and medium enterprises development model in new network Hangzhou 17 September (Hu Fengsheng) "China and Germany have a very close relationship, the development of both countries is full of potential."." 17, former German President Christian William Walter Wulf (ChristianWulff) visited Hangzhou Panshi, and Tian China entrepreneurs just attended B20 Ning together to discuss the current development mode of small and medium sized enterprises that Chinese can learn from the German SME development model, will focus on a more professional, more emphasis on product quality. "I believe China can do it."." For the Chinese China manufacturing 2025 goals, Christian William Walter Wulff expressed confidence. He pointed out that in order to achieve this goal, China needs to continue to increase investment in energy efficiency and so on. With the G20 Hangzhou summit ended, Germany will China hands from "taking over" G20 presidency, and held a G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany in July 7, 2017 to 8. By then, Hamburg will be the same as Hangzhou, set up a bridge to communicate countries around the world. Germany is the largest economy in the European Union and the most populous country in the European Union. It has a huge influence in Europe and the world. The number of small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany ranks first in Europe and has a large number of invisible champions. About the significance of German development for today’s Chinese, Christian William Walter Wulff told Germany for hundreds of years the inheritance of artisan spirit". "German enterprises train workers to combine theory and practice learning.". As a result, German small and medium sized workers, while making products, are also thinking about how to reduce product costs, or use another technology to make products better. In this regard, China and Germany have a lot of very good cooperation projects." He said that Germany is now changing its way of economic development. "German industrial development has undergone many revolutions, the original model is digital, automation, robotics, microelectronics, etc., and now is to let the machine and machine communication between, to achieve the optimization of the process, further reduce costs, improve product quality. This is called industrial 4 in Germany, and it is the best way to achieve it. It depends on the cooperation between industry and IT industry." Christian William Walter Wulff was the tenth president of the Federal Republic of Germany, his other identity is chairman of the global alliance of smes. The global SME alliance is composed of experts and leaders in the field of global SME Cooperation and exchange, and has been actively promoting bilateral and multilateral cooperation among small and medium-sized enterprises in various countries. It is understood that the alliance initiated the establishment of the "global chamber of commerce cooperation organization", plans to organize 237 countries and regions at least 1000 mainstream chamber of Commerce to participate in, to build the international business community of the United nations". Christian William Walter Wulff as chairman of the alliance, close contacts with China, has repeatedly come to China to promote exchanges and cooperation between China and Germany, multi field. The same day, the rock and the small and medium-sized enterprise alliance also reached a strategic cooperation, and are working together to create the whole theory

德国前总统武尔夫:中国可借鉴德国中小企业发展模式   中新网杭州9月17日电(胡丰盛)“中国与德国的关系非常紧密,两国发展充满潜力。”17日,德国前总统克里斯蒂安・威廉・沃尔特・武尔夫(ChristianWulff)到访杭州盘石公司,与刚参加过B20的中国企业家田宁一起探讨目前中小企业发展模式时表示,中国可以借鉴德国中小企业发展模式,将侧重点放在更专业化,更加注重产品质量上。   “我相信中国能够做到。”对于中国提出的中国制造2025目标,克里斯蒂安・威廉・沃尔特・武尔夫表示充满信心。他指出,为实现这一目标,中国需要继续加大在提高能效等方面的投入。   随着G20杭州峰会落幕,德国将从中国手中“接棒”为G20主席国,并于2017年7月7日至8日在德国汉堡市举行下一届G20峰会。   届时,汉堡也将和杭州一样,搭建起世界各国沟通的桥梁。   德国是欧盟中最大的经济体,也是欧盟中人口最多的国家,在欧洲乃至世界的影响力巨大,德国中小企业数量在欧洲位居第一,拥有一大批隐形冠军。   谈到德国发展的道路对于当今中国的意义,克里斯蒂安・威廉・沃尔特・武尔夫讲述了德国数百年来传承的“工匠精神”。   “德国企业培训工人,将理论和实践的学习结合在了一起。因此,德国中小企的工人在制作产品的同时,也在琢磨如何降低产品成本,或者用另外一种技术,将产品做的更好一些。在这方面,中德两国之间拥有很多非常好的合作项目。”   他表示,当前,德国同样正在转变经济发展方式。“德国工业发展经历了多次革命,原来模式是数字化、自动化、机器人、微电子等,现在是让机器和机器之间进行沟通,实现流程的最佳化,进一步降低成本,提高产品质量。这个在德国叫工业4.0,是最佳化的方式,它的实现,有赖于工业和IT业的携手合作。”   克里斯蒂安・威廉・沃尔特・武尔夫是第十任德国联邦总统,他的另一个身份是全球中小企业联盟主席。   全球中小企业联盟由全球中小企业合作交流领域的专家及领导者组成,一直积极推动各国中小企业的双边及多边合作。据了解,联盟发起成立了“全球商会合作组织”,计划组织237个国家与地区中的至少1000个主流商会参加,打造国际商界的“联合国”。克里斯蒂安・威廉・沃尔特・武尔夫作为联盟主席,与中国交往密切,曾多次来华,推动中德多领域交流合作。   当天,盘石与中小企业联盟也达成了战略合作,并将致力于一起打造全球中小企业的“隐形冠军”。(完) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: