Forecast Shuangseqiu 16132nd period Phoenix normal value – Sohu-mkdv-02

Forecast Shuangseqiu 16132nd period: Phoenix – Sohu normal value 2016131 Shuangseqiu lottery results 041018192527 + 02, and decreased to 103, 0 road and tail value continuously out of this period, let us once again with the double chromosphere today in history to analyze the history issue 132 ball rules: look at the leading side, 2005132-2015132 only 1 out of the skewness value, specifically occurred in the 2013132 period, 10 period in numerical control in the range of 01-09, which fell out of 7, prime number, out of 3, the 2016132 leading code recommendations concern within 01-06 award no.. The tail number in the 11 period to 3 prefix number falls the number up (a total of 7 period), the other 4 period was 29232527 (Pteris respectively in 2005132 and 2007132, 2012132 and 2013132), the 132 stage should focus on the number of balls in the normal range, recommended 27-30. In the 132 period and value in previous years, only five out of more than 100 points (numerical order of 131-123-107-138-110), the remaining years of the 132 period and the value in the 90-99 between the falling number, stage 2016132 and the recommended interval 95-110. From my perspective, continuous history in period 11, even continuous performance is not positive, only in 2005132, 2010132 and 2015132 out of 1 of each group, the remaining 8 were with 0 sets of shape code, this period may have continuously interrupted even number. In the 11 phase of the lottery, the size of basketball from the numerical point of view, small numerical ball a total of 7, occupy the absolute advantage; from the observation of parity data, odd number of prize 7, the biggest annual fall even for three period, the period of the Lord, even a small value contrarian rebound. Double recommended red ball + 04,06 6+1:01,02,11,22,23,29 + 06 8+2:01,02,05,07,11,22,23,29相关的主题文章: