For older mothers second child 1 years abortion 3 final like Christmas Baby (video)-nvidia geforce gt 740m

For older mothers second child 1 years abortion 3 final like birth baby two-child policy open, lent to middle-aged couples second child baby, older mothers rush into danger within one year of three miscarriages, end yesterday gave birth to healthy male. Since her daughter attenduniversity, who lives in Hankou, Hongkong Road, 43 year old Ms. Xiao couple feel empty after their children leave home, feel lonely. At the beginning of last year that two-child policy open, the couple began to prepare pregnant second child, but hard for a year, because of the poor quality of eggs, Ms. Shaw, once every 1 or 2 months of spontaneous abortion at a time, and sometimes it is not the fertilized egg implantation liudiao. After 3 miscarriages, exhausted Ms. Shaw very depressed, accompanied by her husband came to Wuhan brain hospital obstetrics and gynecology outpatient consultation. After physical examination, the Department of experts Wang Wei suggested that Ms. Shaw control diet, exercise, and psychological adjustment. By the end of 2015, she finally fourth pregnancy success, in order to keep the children early, Ms. Shaw has been home to bed, suffering from mid gestational diabetes, diet control began under the guidance of a doctor, and later found fetal breech, she even insist on knee chest decubitus exercise, promote the position adjustment, the twists and turns. Yesterday at 5 in the morning, still in the sleep of Ms. Xiao was abdominal pain woke up, the original is in advance of the birth date of the onset of 20 days. The family quickly sent her to the Wuhan Brain Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology labor. Wang Wei led the team from the morning began to stick to, during Ms. Shaw was found in the range of painless childbirth, fetal occiput posterior position position during labor, for the smooth production, the midwife help, fetal occiput anterior internal rotation, pregnant women are encouraged to adhere to the birth, finally in the afternoon near 5 points gave birth to healthy baby boy 7.2 a pound. "Since the policy of opening up, to the second child of the maternal age increased, but like Ms. Xiao so lucky success eutocia is not much, because women after the age of 35 natural pregnancy rate was significantly decreased, relatively high risk children." Wang Wei pointed out that the risk of spontaneous abortion among women aged up to 40%, the risk of gestational diabetes, pregnancy induced hypertension is relatively high, so if the child family planning advice, preparation process of pregnancy should pay attention to the body, psychological adjustment, aerobic exercise for weight control during pregnancy on the original cut Mo family experience and neglected production inspection. Cause unnecessary risk. (reporter Chen Yuan correspondent Jin Jing) related video super advanced maternal age 60 year old grandmother gave birth to twins out by mistake相关的主题文章: