Figure -95 war against Russian dispatched detonation is for the first time in the action in the Syri

Figure -95 war against Russian dispatched detonation IS: for the first time in the action in the Syrian military Channel – Sohu Xinhua news agency in Moscow in November 17, according to the official website of the Russian Defense Ministry reported 17, empty space figure – 95 m S m strategic bombers that day cruise missile strikes on Syria in the implementation of the terrorist target. This is the figure – 95 m S M type machine for the first time in Russia in the Syrian crackdown. Video shows that at least two strategic bombers carrying missiles from Russia to take off, the implementation of the mission in syria. In addition to figure – 95 m S m, the other one is the S type machine figure – 95 M. Russian Ministry of defense, 17, said the Russian strategic bombers flying route through Beihai and the Atlantic, after the completion of the missile strike to return to the base. Xinhua News Agency reporters earlier received the Russian Defense Ministry news agency reported that the Russian air force strategic bombers carrying missile flight from Russia, after two air refueling, flying more than 1.1 kilometers, over the Mediterranean to the Syria terrorist organizations launched a missile target. In addition, Russian troops also from the Mediterranean "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier and Syria Hermetian Mihm base take-off fighters involved in combat operations. Russia’s air strikes target, including terrorist command post, ammunition depot, military technology and equipment assembly and weapons production workshop, etc..相关的主题文章: