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Female college students favor do cruise "sea sister" starting salary than ordinary enterprises, following the airline stewardess dynamic sister, "sea elder sister" and by female college students of all ages; an IT enterprise, would rather not recruit college students, master. The day before yesterday, the Hubei Provincial Personnel Service Bureau held in 2016, the national employment service for college graduates in the month of the recruitment meeting, on the "blowing" out of the job, the new direction of employment of the wind of the people’s Republic of China in. 165 companies bring more than 2 thousand jobs to recruit. "Sea elder sister" heard "the sea starting salary is 4200 yuan," little sister "sea"? It’s a flight attendant. Recruitment began just one hour, there are more than 20 graduates with an international cruise service company reached an intention, all girls, willing to cruise when the sea sister". Posts include the front desk, restaurant waiter, room attendants, duty-free shops, Asian routes starting salary is 4200 yuan, US routes starting salary of 8000 yuan. The girls said this than the ordinary service industry and many companies open to undergraduates starting salary is higher, do half a year to 10 months after 1 to 3 months of vacation, can also be free to walk abroad to see, can accept. The staff of the "sea sister" space than most of the airline stewardess, a cruise ship is like a great amount of business, usually with two thousand or three thousand employees, the international cruise market needs a large number of maritime crew. These positions require hands, arms, face, no scars, tattoos and obvious large mole. Foreign employers do not care about the applicant’s diploma is not high, professional counterparts, but in the interview to consider the candidate’s character, attitude, etiquette, smile, etc., more emphasis on ability. IT companies do not master cited the Wuhan evening news reporter at the scene found surprised, branch of a foreign IT companies listed in Wuhan set up recruitment software development engineer, made clear signs only to recruit college graduates, no master. Students have seen a little surprised: "do not master?" Why is contrary to other enterprises, rather low education, not high education? The personnel director of the company, Ms. Shaw explained: we recruit software development engineers, not only to complete the development, but also to complete the test, the document is to write their own. Master has read the research stage, emphasis on development, can not be static to do the test. But the master degree is high, the college students starting salary requirements is high, the operating cost of enterprises is relatively high, but their stability is not good. We have such a trial experience, found that the college students are fully qualified for this position, we are combat oriented enterprises, the master may be more suitable for research units." (reporter correspondent Hu Die Tong Kechang)相关的主题文章: