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Press-Releases What are rabbits? Rabbits are small mammals with long ears, and huge, powerful hind legs. They are part of the order Lagomorpha and of the family Leporidae. Pikas and hares are classified as part of the family of rabbits. The former are of tiny stature mammals with short limbs, rounded ears and without external tail while the latter are long-eared, fast runners, plant-eaters and of the same stature as rabbits. Rabbits exist in many regions of the globe. Habitats of rabbits include meadows, wetlands, forests, woods and grasslands. They live in groups, and normally stay or live in underground burrows. Male rabbits are called bucks while females are called does. Young rabbits, on the other hand, are called kittens or kits. They have numerous well-known species. These include: European Rabbits They are small, grey-brown or, at times, black mammals. In length, they are usually between 34 and 50 centimeters long. In weight, they are usually between 2 and 5 pounds. They are famous for digging networks of burrows. They are widely occurring in Spain, Portugal, Algeria and Morocco. Cottontail Rabbits They are known for having stub tails with white undersides. In length, they are between 39 and 47 centimeters long. In weight, they are between 800 and 1533 grams. Newly born cottontail rabbits require nourishment or need to be fed and taken care of for long period. They are common in the Americas. Volcano Rabbits They are small rabbits with rounded ears, short legs, and short, thick fur. In weight, they are usually between 390 and 600 grams. They are capable of emitting very high-pitched sounds. These sounds are produced to warn other rabbits of danger. They are endemic to Mexico, and are often found in its mountains. Pygmy Rabbits They are well-known for digging their own burrows, and for being the smallest leporid in the world as well. They are North American rabbits with short ears and small hind legs. They are colored gray. In length, they are between 23 and 29 centimeters long. In weight, they are between 375 and 500 grams. They are native to North America. Amami Rabbits They are primitive, dark-furred rabbits with small ears, and short hind legs and feet. They are nocturnal forest-dwellers. In weight, they are usually around 2 to 3 kilograms. They are found in Japan. For kids to gain more ideas about rabbits, let them read the e-book entitled Rabbits for Kids Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers kindle edition by Rachel Smith and John Davidson at http://amzn.to/1p27XCF today! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: