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Exposure or Lifan Huanshuai Zhang wailong still is two echelon class contact Yang Shuai Sohu sports newspaper reporter Lu Mi Chongqing daily news in the Super League during the winter break from the December 4th team Lifan has been more than half, closed off and half a month’s time, in order to top signings and renew things over. It wasn’t until the winter transfer window opened, and everything seemed to be full of variables. Yesterday, reporters received a daily authoritative news, said the 2016 season led South Korea coach Zhang Wailong Lifan relegation LED is still unknown whether to continue, the double-edged sword is in contact with the 1 to 2 Yang Shuai, one is very close. But yesterday the club Lifan executives told reporters: "the current contract with Zhang Wailong still." Ge will retain not to say in December last year, Lifan club announced Zhang wailong to succeed Wang Baoshan become the new coach, and signed a contract with "2+1". This is a relatively loose contract, did not end with the 11 round of the season is extremely difficult, because the contract did not have a continuous class on the hard terms. Fortunately, this season, Lifan once again advance echelon successfully. The end of the season, between Korean and Lifan has one year remaining contract fails to perform, and successfully avoid relegation, seems to remain Zhang wailong has become a That’s final.. But yesterday, the reporter learned from relevant insiders say that if Zhang Wailong coached the team Lifan there are still variables will continue in the next season. Favorite for football legend if Zhang wailong ultimately unable to stay, the club will have to pay a penalty, for in the past seems impossible. But in the middle of the season, after a double-edged sword is strong in the club, in one fell swoop to sign the most expensive foreign aid Kardec feat, something not possible. At the same time for two consecutive years to successfully avoid relegation, Lifan in the super foothold in the 8 billion golden age super environment, cannot satisfy the appetite of investors "," three years of impact AFC Champions League "slogan will not only be a slogan. According to the insider, there are 1 to 2 Yang Shuai are in contact, but has not yet finalized, so temporarily inconvenient to disclose the name. According to the Daily reporter to inquire into the news, the double-edged sword being in contact with the coach was the former world football legend, and one of them is very close. High level does not admit nor deny the possibility of change in this time, some accidents are not accidental. Because previously, Lifan rise in an interview that, Zhang Wailong led the record, he did not deny the possibility of the new season led to. Zhang Wailong in the last round of the League before accepting an interview with reporters, also said: some of the prospects for the season, the need to communicate with the club to discuss." No unexpected aspect is, the new season is brewing Huanshuai is reasonable, the 2016 season during the League including Troussier, playing in the field once watched the Lifan game. Yesterday afternoon, this reporter also called the daily call to verify the Lifan high-rise, high-level club on the phone said: "I do not.相关的主题文章: