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The experience of a farewell cool Cherry MX 9: as the game keyboard does not start low now close your eyes and think, Cherry should look like? All key, MX axis, no lights, cool style. But this year, Cherry MX 8 and 9 (hereinafter referred to as MX 8 and MX 9) the two devices may refresh the user on the keyboard equipment factory feelings "impression, such as the MX 8 87 keys, for example we said today that MX 9 RGB backlight. We feel a MX 9 different products have different market positioning from the packaging can, so even if you only see Cherry MX 9 propaganda figure, can also know that this is a positioning game user keyboard, which also is the first in the history of the Cherry. After all, the market players and purchasing power, we still have a few. This is faith LOGO MX 9 has a typical appearance of elements of the game keyboard for not speaking, and the game keyboard function; for example, the personality of the line side lighting, oversized knobs, such as the definition of key macro. As a game keyboard, at first glance, the others all have, as we have said slowly experience. Obviously the other corner game keyboard design game series lamp factory, is a kind of game player to call the keyboard manufacturers such as Razer, such as the pirate ship; in general, RGB keyboard in addition to many colors, people are most concerned about the play of lights. MX 9 in the present situation, support: single color RGB color, monochrome breath, rolling game mode, the monochrome marquee play. Unfortunately, MX 9 has not yet adapted firmware spread, and its support for the Mac will be even worse. Of course, this is also a common problem in many game keyboards. Light color is rich, diverse experience some of the details, MX9.0 adopts double color injection ABS for transparent cap, cap, MX 9 font weight to grasp the degree of good, it can be regarded as the basic level of the slender. The kind of skin texture cap coating, feel good, but because it is commonly used ABS material, what is inevitable off. Transparent Fonts is fine class skin coating will certainly feel good for a long time is still off cap, MX 9 choose the original cap height, compared to the current common OEM height somewhat low, with black shaft according to the pressure of moderate overall dry up many flat and agile. The touch area is larger, transferred from different types of cap are not easy to misuse. The first launch is positive black shaft and then look at the touch area of the overall layout of MX 9 and 104 key thought the same, but with the macro keys and shortcut keys on the keyboard, so the edge to locate the users may not meet. Specific to these more out of the button, it includes 12 separate macro buttons and 3 multimedia keys. If it is on the roller and the surrounding function keys, a total of the keyboard keys.相关的主题文章: