European car market in the first half of 2016 sales inventory Audi A4 dominate medium-sized l

The European car market in the first half of 2016 sales inventory   Audi A4 midsize luxury car — — original title: the European car market in the first half of 2016 sales inventory of Audi A4 midsize luxury car "news" European Edition September 4th news, auto consultancy JATO Dynamics tracked the 10 field of 24 European automotive market segments in the first half of 2016, the European car market sales ranked no small change, mainly due to new type listed. The new Audi A4, Ford S-Max, Mazda MX-5 won the high-end cars, commercial vehicles, car sales champion to open. In the luxury midsize car market, Audi A4 by virtue of the price advantage over the last champion Mercedes Benz C class, while the latter’s sales fell to third in the first half of this year, after the BMW series of 3. High grade convertible sedan, BMW 2 series over the Mercedes Benz C class and BMW’s 4 series, ranked first. Sales of large commercial vehicles grew by 53 percentage points in the first half (see chart), becoming the fastest growing models. Such models, Ford S-Max sales in the first place, more than the previous sales champion Volkswagen summer. Renault’s new car Espace by virtue of nearly 800 sales in the second place in the ranks of the public, only after the summer of third. 2016 different types of changes in the first half sales in the European market (%) of large commercial vehicle +53 high-grade large SUV +37 luxury compact SUV +34 SUV +28 SUV +28 premium medium small convertible +23 compact SUV +20 luxury sedan +14 compact luxury car +11 all models (average) +9 medium-sized luxury car +9 electric car +7 entry-level luxury car +7 compact +6 medium +6 luxury car +4 mini car +4 +3 small car large luxury car +1 car 0 compact MPV -5 luxury convertible -7 small business car -8 -17 large SUV Mazda MX-5 convertible car sales topped the list, while the former champion convertible version of the Volkswagen Golf rankings slide to fourth. The new Smart ForTwo strong list, ranked third. Other vehicles, the BMW 7 Series flagship car sales in the first half of this year over 3 times, to 7064 vehicles, after the Mercedes Benz S class luxury saloon in the row, ranked second. The Volkswagen Passat car still occupy the top, first half sales reached 64 thousand units; Skoda supipes sales doubled to 47808 vehicles in second. Reno Megan Aa ranked first in the Coupe sales, followed by Ford mustang. Citroen Picasso became the highest selling compact相关的主题文章: