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After the bite of apple   South Korea started to calm down — home — original title: EU bite apple South Koreans started to calm down [the European Commission China grid] Tuesday ruled that the special tax Apple Corp in Ireland for arranging illegal state subsidies, the need to pay 13 billion euros in Ireland tax. Although the Apple Corp and the Irish government have said it will appeal the results, but the EU’s move in the other countries to set a "model"". Recently, the Korea Times reported that the "heavy" Apple’s behavior caused a chain reaction in South Korea, South Korea, more and more people called on the government to follow the European Commission, apple, Google and other global technology giants "to take tough measures". A South Korean official said in an interview that the EU ruling is a wake-up call for South Korea, because including apple, Google, many global IT giant in South Korea suspected of tax evasion things have been in the center of public opinion. Critics say the government has taken a tolerant attitude towards many of the world’s leading tech giants, fearing that such sanctions would have a negative effect on the country’s economy. "National regulators have so far failed to obtain the corresponding tax from the global IT giant hands, because they are in business operations and not fully comply with the laws of the Republic of Korea, a large electronics company executives said," the government needs to like the EU to take tougher measures related to the company." But there are a number of IT industry believes that the South Korean government on apple, Google these international technology giants to take a tough attitude is unlikely. "To be honest, it is almost impossible for the South Korean government to change its position, because the world’s leading technology giants are too much influence on the economy," said another company executive. "The Korean economy is heavily dependent on the development of the mobile communications industry," he said. If the government to take tough measures for iOS and Android operators of apple, Google, even levy more taxes, once the two companies change the policy in retaliation for the Korean market, the consequences will be unbearable to contemplate." South Korea is known for its wide range of telecommunications and mobile infrastructure, but one-sided development is sometimes a double-edged sword, he said. "In South Korea, Android devices occupy more than 90% of the smartphone market, in fact, South Korea’s dependence on Google is particularly strong," he said. "For apple, South Korea is not particularly lucrative market. If the government imposed tough sanctions on apple, the company may choose to withdraw from the Korean market, which will seriously affect the development of the national economy." (Xue Kui) (commissioning editor Bi Lei and Yang Bo)相关的主题文章: