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Eight year old couple 63 years of simple interpretation of love story (Figure) – Beijing new network in Huzhou in September 24, (Li Qianqian Chen Jie Li Jie) "I can think of the most romantic thing is getting old with you." This sentence is the lyrics for having heard it many times in Zhejiang Province, Deqing County town village where Mo Zhou Haishan and Zhang Shuizhu couple to each other for 63 years the best portrayal. A cattle is a poor boy, was born in a family of scholar of the great lady, two people with more than 60 years created an enviable love story. Zhou Haishan still remember Time passes very quickly., first met two days: February 1953. That winter, through a friend, the two people soon came together. Born in a family of scholar Zhang drops, father is a teacher. At that time, Zhou Haishan can be said to be poor and blank, his father died in the Anti Japanese War period, from the age of 9 he began to give others cattle. "Two people took to the streets, and I didn’t even have a decent suit." Zhou Haishan recalls, at that time because of the "mismatch", the relationship between the two was a lot of criticism and opposition. However, chapter drops did not care about other people’s eyes, Zhou Haishan’s hardworking, honest family all see in the eyes of the final in two people’s efforts, in April 8, 1953, Zhou Haishan will marry his beloved bride back home. "We didn’t have anything when we got married. It was very simple and easy to get married in that age. Unlike now, we need a house, a car or something." Remember when the wedding, Zhou Haishan still feel guilty when they get married, he still wearing the old uniforms, home doesn’t even have a box, with the water chapter married clothes are wrapped, two people live together, even if married. Old two marriage gave birth to 5 children, at that time the children will pull up is not easy. The hard times of food not enough to eat, sometimes eat only scrape wild herbs. In order to earn money for the family, the couple farming I also participated in many reservoir construction. "Think of the five children, bite to stick." Zhang Shuizhu said. Life is not difficult to break them down, the plight of the two people are closely together, hand in hand. "When the poor economic conditions, we rarely quarrel with each other and considerate care for each other, is the couple." Zhou Haishan said with a smile, the eyes are inseparable from the deep love. Busy for a lifetime, now the couple do housework at home, a few vegetables, enjoy life. Leisure time, Zhou Haishan will take his wife around to see. "She followed me a lifetime of hard work, now I can walk, I will take her to see the outside world, let her enjoy the life." The couple smiled. Old two happy marriage is also the best example for their children. "I hope the children will follow our example, be safe and have a good time." Every family reunion, chapter drops always pull children to say sincere words and earnest wishes do not put too much emphasis on material conditions, two people can live a happy life of mutual tolerance. Sixty years, a cycle when the hair dye frost, eyesight and hearing also doesn’t go)相关的主题文章: