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Duthel Te: welcome to Philippines Western hypocrisy refugees – Sohu in Al Jazeera news 17 broadcast a short documentary, the president of Philippines Duthel because western countries to a large number of refugees and close the border about its hypocrisy". Duthel Te said that Philippines welcomed the arrival of refugees, until the full date". Duthel Te told Al Jazeera television that he welcomed refugees to Philippines because the West could not help refugees, although Philippines is a poor country with a population of 100 million. Duthel Te said, send them to us, we will accept them. We will accept them all. Because they are people too." Duthel Te said in the documentary film in Philippines is willing to accept refugees for resettlement, Duthel Te did not talk about any detailed plan, but added: "what time they are welcome, until we’re all so far". Duthel Te stressed that "on human rights, the western countries seem to have been very attentive, but suddenly changed the way, to allow the refugees. "You stay here, we will build a barbed wire on the wall.". But turned against us (referring to western countries criticized the problems existing in the Philippines anti drug movement — human rights observer network note), this is their hypocrisy." "I received a lot of phone calls, there are a lot of people have told me I should not let so many people (because of narcotics) death, I was very angry, even if they see me as a bad boy, I don’t give a damn (I don’t really give a shit). What are they? Nothing is." An interview with Duthel Te Duthel Te on the plane also denounced critics complain for the anti drug campaign, and accused the United States of "bullying", someone must stand up. He also accused the United States of double standards on Human Rights said that in fact, the United States and Philippines are in the same camp, in the United States, "prejudice is very active, the police killing innocent people and non drug traffickers. In the short film, he also referred to China and Russia, moderate tone. President Duthel Te described Xi Jinping as "a very humble man", Putin is a sincere person".   相关的主题文章: