Dongfeng Fengshen AX7 configuration utility analysis

Dongfeng Fengshen AX7 configuration utility analysis of people always say that the flower fall is the most ruthless, wash magnificence also feel sad, but that’s just the youth of the world. Here Xiaobian want to say is that in real life can sometimes give up can be flashy without substance! Take the car for that matter, now more and more people to pursue but not knowing the car face job, gorgeous appearance is often implied mystery. Xiaobian now borrow a bunch of old driver experiences for everyone under the inventory on the car that "look in the configuration with no chicken ribs". Chicken ribs configuration: two drive? Four-wheel drive? Four-wheel drive and two drive, as distinguished from the car with four wheel drive or two wheel drive. Compared with the two drive, four-wheel drive control is more stable in the rugged mountain road, off-road performance is better. But for the current market popular city SUV, compared to the two drive, four-wheel drive Car Buying cost and car costs are greatly improved; and the two drive city SUV in chassis set higher than the previous lot, occasionally go black road is at ease. So according to the city road pavement based SUV, four is tasteless "chicken ribs" configuration. Chicken ribs configuration two: steering wheel paddle shifters technology paddle shift was first used in the F1 car, the development of the initial aim is to let the driver in the hands off the steering wheel at the same time, can add or subtract file operation on the vehicle, can not only enhance the shift speed, while allowing manipulation of the attention of time on the road ahead in order to improve the driving safety. With the continuous improvement of the driving control of the car, many brands in order to highlight the excellent performance of the vehicle, the car is equipped with this feature. Shift paddles past only in high performance cars can be seen now, coming out of ordinary passenger cars, which for many attractive male consumers can really not small. However, the development of the story is always "however". Although the paddle shifters allow manipulation in a short moment in be fun, but often only in actual driving a display: first, general super run or performance car, through the paddle shift function makes the hands do not leave the steering wheel, thereby increasing the fast shifting speed. For ordinary passenger cars, the gearbox is relatively conservative shift logic, enhance the paddle shift is too large for vehicle movement performance and not, as often to throttle more effective. Secondly, often in the crowded city D file almost anything, paddle shift is just a decoration, only can only bring visual impact. Even for the novice, open car paddle shift was a disaster – hit the steering wheel, turn on the lights, wipers…… There may be a mistake. So, unless it is very fond of supercar driving, and often run smoothly on the road in the countryside, otherwise this configuration is really superfluous. Chicken ribs panoramic sunroof configuration three: don’t underestimate the appeal of a panoramic sunroof configuration, it is for young people "lethality" comparable to Apple "maishen" series of products. Many people think that the panoramic skylight can enhance the mood of life, increase the fun of life, the ideal is always beautiful, most of the four seasons in our country, the summer is too hot, the winter is too!相关的主题文章: