Do face lift small beauty, different periods of easy face lift small coup

Do small beauty face contour at different times easily face lift small coup compact face can not only make people look younger, but also play a more slender visual effect, following small series to introduce to you a massage face lift method, to help you quickly achieve the purpose of face to lose weight, take a look at how to do so. 1 morning, face law: face cooling A: selection of Refreshing Cleanser, warm water after cleansing with cold water at attaining about 1 minutes; B: after washing the face, use the contraction of water to tighten the skin, and then paint moisturizing cream; C: especially in the paint on some of the eye eye Firming cream, slightly massage. 2, noon: relax facial muscle A: use facial expressions to exercise facial muscles; B: every day practice hair "aeiou" these English letters, can modify the effect of facial lines. 3, evening: After face cleaning exercises, this gymnastics will be divided into 7 parts in turn, mainly using the relationship between the force and reaction force, all steps are in accordance with the A prompted 3 operations. A: bite the root, use the index finger, middle finger and ring finger to find the masseter muscle, with the help of reverse force, press hard to the inside, and at the same time, the masseter muscle of the finger should be extrapolated. A total of 3 times, the first 5 seconds, second times 10 seconds, third times 10 seconds, each interval relaxed. Efficacy: exercise to ear chin contour can tighten jaw. B: open your mouth, lift your chin with your index finger, middle finger and ring finger, try to lift your chin up to your mouth, and open your mouth. Don’t be pushed by your fingers. The 3 time. Effects: lift your chin, tighten your jaws, and it’s especially effective for people with double chin. C: turn the mouth into a round shape, use the index finger, middle finger and ring finger on the upper lip, force outward upward, open your mouth, and keep your mouth tight at the same time. Efficacy: it can exercise the upper lip muscles and relieve the sagging of the nasolabial folds. D: close your eyes, put your index finger on your eye, and then open your eyes with force. Efficacy: exercise the upper eyelid muscles to prevent the aging of the eye caused by aging deep concave. E: put your thumb on beneath his brow, index finger on the eyelids of the bone above, force the eyes away, and kept my eyes closed. Effect: help the whole orbital bone exercise. F: put your hands above your eyebrows, lift your forehead up, open your eyes and look down. Efficacy: the exercise will help improve the entire forehead muscles, forehead hair at the temples to the muscle. G: frowning tight, with the index finger and middle finger will be forced to push the brow wrinkles, keep frowning posture. Efficacy: help us face the center to improve the hair from the mouth. (editor in chief: Zheng Yuqin)

做瘦脸小美人 不同时段轻松瘦脸小妙招   紧致的脸部轮廓不仅可以让人看起来更年轻,还能起到视觉上更加苗条的效果,下面小编就要介绍给大家一个按摩瘦脸法,帮助大家快速的达到减肥瘦脸的目的,那么就来看看应该怎么做吧。   瘦脸法   1、早上:脸部降温   A:选用清凉型洁面产品,温水洁面后用冷水敷脸大约1分钟;   B:洗完脸后,使用收缩水收紧皮肤,再搽滋润霜;   C:特别在眼部搽些眼部紧肤霜,稍微按摩一下。   2、中午:放松脸部肌肉   A:利用面部表情来锻炼面部肌肉;   B:每天练习发“aeiou”这几个英文字母,可以达到修饰面部线条的效果。   3、晚上:脸部减肥操   在清洁后,这套体操将分为7部分依次进行,主要运用的是作用力与反作用力的关系,所有步骤都按照A所提示的3次操作。   A:将牙根咬紧,用食指、中指和无名指找到咬肌处,借助反作力,用力向里按压,同时自己的咬肌要将手指往外推。共3次,第一次5秒,第二次10秒,第三次10秒,每次间隔放松一下。   功效:锻炼耳根到下颚处的轮廓,可以收紧下颚。   B:张开嘴巴,用食指、中指和无名指托住下巴,尽量将下巴提至合上,同时自己的嘴巴张开,不要被手指力量合上。也是3次。功效:提升整个下巴,收紧下巴处赘肉,对于双下巴的人特别有效。   C:将嘴嘟起成圆型,用食指、中指和无名指放在上唇,用力向外向上方向,将嘴巴扒开,同时自己的嘴保持嘟紧。功效:可以锻炼上唇肌肉,对于法令纹下垂变深有缓解作用。   D:将眼睛闭起,用食指放在自己眼盖上,然后用力将眼睛睁开。功效:锻炼上眼睑肌肉,防止由于年龄老化引起的眼部深凹。   E:把大拇指放在自己的眉骨下方,食指放在下眼睑骨上方,用力将眼睛拨开,同时尽量让自己眼睛闭紧。功效:帮助整个眼眶骨的锻炼。   F:双手放在眉毛上方,用力将额头向上提拉,自己睁开眼向下看。功效:锻炼整个额头肌肉,有助提升太阳穴到额头发髻处肌肉。   G:眉头皱紧,用食指和中指将紧皱眉头处用力拨开,自己保持皱眉姿态。功效:有助于帮助我们面部中心点由嘴角处向发髻处提升。(责任编辑:郑玉沁 )相关的主题文章: