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Sports-and-Recreation Not the typical person you would expect to be described as a "warrior", Lesley Rochat is a petite, 5’4" woman, just a little over 100 lbs but with a lead-heavy determination and sky-large projects. She has chosen to engage in her own battle for the protection of sharks worldwide and will be ac.plishing her mission in quite aggresive terms. Having had years of experience scuba diving and swimming with sharks, Rochat is an energetic and passionate South African with a dream and a firm purpose. "We are in an environmental war. Its a fight that we have to win, Rochat says. Sharks play a vital role in our marine ecosystems and were in a battle to save them. To achieve her daunting mission, she has spent the last 11 years fighting to protect the sharks in her country and across many other scuba diving destinations abroad. Her continuous efforts and dedication have led one media publication to call jihhuher the Shark Warrior. Her first real experience swimming with sharks was life-changing and saw her transforming from a travel journalist into an enthusiastic environmental journalist with a particular shark-saving agenda. Rochat’s first shark encounter was with "Maxine a ragged-tooth shark living in captivity in the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town. The huge shark had been caught in a fishing net and as a result showed visible scarring. Whilst swimming with the shark Rochat said she felt an immediate connection that has helped give her direction and purpose." It was the most significant shark encounter Ive had, Lesley Rochat recalls. These animals need our help and Im going to do everything I can to make that happen. Rochat helped to secure Maxines eventual freedom and return to the open ocean. Rochat has now be.e The Founder and Executive Director of AfriOceans Conservation Alliance, the Director of Media Productions for the Shark Research Institute, and currently juggles multiple other projects in her agenda. For her work she has used her diverse scuba diving background, which includes capturing upclose images of sharks whilst swimming with them as well as modelling and TV/film productions, to create numerous campaigns and educational programmes designed to create awareness of whats happening today to shark populations worldwide. Many of her scuba diving with sharks experiences have been documented and filmed and as a result incredible still images of her in a bikini have helped draw additional attention to her cause. While the photo snaps are certainly striking and catch people’s eyes, theyve also sparked controversy. I do have a lot male fans, and though I have many female supporters too, there are some who seem to have issues with me swimming in a bikini with sharks maybe its just a girl thing. Im reached a place, however, in my career that I realize you cant please all of the people all of the time. – Lesley admits. When I take images of sharks I attempt to lure the viewer with a sense of awe and wonder into their world, Rochat explains. And when I have images taken of me with the sharks I do so in order to help me promote the message that sharks are not monsters maneaters with insatiable appetite for humans. I need to walk my talk and the photos help illustrate my message. Lesley’s determination and bluntness on the subject of shark protection have earned substantial recognition, including over a dozen award-winning productions in the last 10 years and millions of published photographs and interviews through the inter. and other popular media outlets. Last year she was added to the Women Divers Hall of Fame, a prestigious title that she feels immensely honoured for. It’s these awards and recognitions that have helped her face the critics I take a stand, have an opinion and will fight for it, she claims in her Warrior tone. Its not a popularity contest what good activist isnt getting criticised. Once youve earned your stripes, it (the criticism) doesnt matter anymore the only thing that does matter is getting the work done. Besides scuba diving with sharks, Rochelle has plenty of projects on the pipeline, aimed at raising shark awareness. Rochat has recently unveiled her latest campaign, RE-THINK THE PREDATOR which once again brings home the truth that sharks are not the enemy, but humans are. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: