Dalian to strengthen the supervision of campus network lending behavior mp7a1

Dalian to strengthen the supervision of campus net loan behavior before the municipal government website issued the "Dalian Municipal People’s Government Office on further strengthening of the campus net loan behavior supervision notice", decided to strengthen the campus net loan bad regulation, illegal financial activities, standardize the net loan behavior of students, maintaining a good campus environment. Notice requirements of the relevant agencies in the development of campus net loan business to strictly enforce the "eight no", including not failing to fulfill the obligation to take the borrower qualification, only by Student ID, student ID and other low threshold loans; shall not issue for students living outside the study necessities loans or provide cash etc. request directly to the students. In recent years, some bad online lending platforms use false propaganda, reduce the credit threshold and other forms of loan sharks in disguised form, induce excessive overdraft consumption of students, and through intimidation, coercion and other illegal means to collect, reap huge profits. These acts violate the legitimate rights and interests of students, interfere with the normal order of education and teaching, and seriously affect the harmony and stability of schools and society. In this regard, the notice put forward, to further improve the education guidance and risk prompt work. All colleges and universities should strengthen the education of students’ consumption view, guide students to be rational, scientific and moderate consumption, guard against Campus abnormal consumption, improve the student financial aid system, and actively implement the national funding policies. Continue to carry out network lending risk tips, increase financial, network security, prevention of illegal fund-raising knowledge publicity efforts to improve students’ awareness of network financial security and self-protection awareness. Strengthen students to participate in network lending and bad consumer behavior monitoring, prohibit school staff and students propaganda, recommend, agent net loan business. Carry out special rectification of campus network loan. The campus net loan as an important part of the Internet into the city’s financial risk and the risk of illegal fund-raising special rectification work areas, focus on the deployment of campus net loan platform and diagnostic investigation focus on remediation work, to find out the risk base, preventing the spread of risk. According to the actual situation of the risk investigation, the relevant network lending platform to suspend business, order rectification and transfer of public security organs and other disposal measures. At the same time, closely tracking, positive guidance campus network lending related public opinion. Four departments according to the requirement of safety disposal notice, the establishment of the campus net loan daily monitoring, early warning and risk disposal mechanism, the existence of the "eight no" violations of the net loan platform and personal, educational administrative departments and universities should promptly submit the relevant disposal, Municipal Finance Bureau, Dalian Banking Bureau, the city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau and the Municipal Public Security Bureau and other departments according to the law, and effectively prevent the adverse potential risk of net loans. The campus net loan behavior to strictly enforce the "eight no" – not failing to fulfill the obligation to take the borrower qualification, only by Student ID, student ID and other low threshold loans; – not to not have the parents, guardian or other person management and two payment source for repayment of the written consent to students the student shall not grant loans; for the necessities of life to learn outside of the loan or provide cash directly to the students; – not by fees, late fees, service charges, fees and other reminders of the nominal charge high fees, change Tong 大连对校园网贷行为加强监管   日前,市政府网站发布了《大连市人民政府办公厅关于进一步加强对校园网贷行为监管的通知》,决定加强对校园不良网贷的整治,打击非法金融活动,规范学生网贷行为,维护良好的校园环境。   通知要求各有关机构在开展校园网贷业务时要严格执行“八个不得”,包括不得未按规定履行借款人资质审核义务,采取仅凭学生身份证、学生证等低门槛方式发放贷款;不得发放用于学生生活学习必需品以外的贷款或直接向学生提供现金等具体要求。   近年来,部分不良网贷平台利用虚假宣传、降低信贷门槛等方式变相发放高利贷,诱导在校学生过度透支消费,并通过恐吓、胁迫等非法手段进行催收,从中牟取暴利。这些行为侵犯了学生合法权益,干扰了正常的教育教学秩序,严重影响了学校及社会的和谐稳定。   对此,通知提出,要进一步做好教育引导和风险提示工作。各高校要加强学生消费观教育,引导学生理性、科学、适度消费,防范校园畸形消费,完善学生资助体系,积极落实国家各项资助政策。持续开展网贷风险提示,加大金融、网络安全、防范非法集资知识宣传普及力度,提高学生的网络金融安全意识和自我保护意识。加强学生参与网络借贷和不良消费行为的监测,禁止学校教职员工和学生宣传、推荐、代理网贷业务。   开展校园网贷专项整治。将校园网贷作为一项重要内容纳入全市互联网金融风险和非法集资风险专项整治工作范畴,重点部署对校园网贷平台的摸底排查与集中整治工作,摸清风险底数,防止风险蔓延。根据风险排查的实际情况,对相关网贷平台采取暂停业务、责令整改和移交公安机关等处置措施。同时,密切跟踪、正面引导校园网贷相关舆情。   四部门将依法依规处置   通知要求,建立对校园网贷的日常监测、风险预警和处置机制,对存在“八个不得”违规行为的网贷平台和个人,教育行政部门和高校要及时报送有关情况,市金融局、大连银监局、市工商局、市公安局等部门将依法依规处置,切实防范不良网贷潜在的风险。   校园网贷行为要严格执行“八不得”   ●不得未按规定履行借款人资质审核义务,采取仅凭学生身份证、学生证等低门槛方式发放贷款;   ●不得向未取得家长、监护人或者其他管理人等第二还款来源书面同意愿意代为还款的学生发放贷款;   ●不得发放用于学生生活学习必需品以外的贷款或直接向学生提供现金   ;   ●不得以手续费、滞纳金、服务费、催收费等各种名义收取高额费用,变相发放高利贷;   ●不得在校园内以任何形式开展网贷营销宣传活动;   ●不得在线上以歧义性语言开展虚假片面营销宣传活动,误导学生借款行为;●不得使用非法手段暴力催收;   ●不得有泄露、恶意曝光或非法使用学生个人信息以及其他损害学生合法权益的行为。    半岛晨报、海力网记者黄凤桐相关的主题文章: