Cross market analysis will accomplish much

Cross market analysis will make national investment contest: Irving King peep catch demon shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to tutor, Joe pass the same economic background in different markets, the relevant market and different environment in the same variety, there is always some association or dense or loose, between them not have no relevance. With the progress of science and technology especially the rapid development of the network, the market linkage between all varieties increasingly fast, frequent, and cause all kinds of chain reaction has attracted more and more attention, are also increasingly necessary to cross market analysis. The main reason we reduce cross-border capital also often can be found, once a large variety of ups and downs, another or one kind will also appear in the same or opposite direction, lifting a market quickly transferred to the same market as it provides important clues to cross market research, then contrast with the butterfly effect. The same phenomenon is repeated, it must have its inherent logic and reasonable transfer is one of the most direct factor is a lot of money in the market or related but different varieties, is the essence of tracing the source of capital profit. The funds are often active in currencies, bonds, futures market and stock market in different varieties in the same field, will take joint action with strong momentum, and the key to guide the flow of funds is the interest rate, exchange rate, both of which have far-reaching power, but for a work may not be able to use. In recent years, low interest rates all over the world, the quantitative easing is still in vogue, sovereign bond issuers and the central bank’s intention is to put the money out to high risk areas, high inflation, stimulate growth, but the scale has more than 11 trillion U.S. dollars, a negative yield bond has become a wonderful work to finish the mission, because we fear on the QE, but increased savings and thus curbing consumption. Wonderful changes of interest rate and bond market, is the market with the official game results, is also the inevitable capital advantage. Changes in the market more than the law of non coincidence no matter when and where, invisible hand seems to have been playing a role. But through the market change unpredictably appearance, still found some interesting phenomena, further summary will draw some regularity things. For example, the CRB index over the past few years, often lead to the S & P 500 index for the past six months to six months, the latter of the election year and the ruling party can be highly consistent. For example, related currencies and stock market, both the currency appreciation, the stock market is high, the currency devaluation, the stock market rose; even in the same country, association of different periods are different, the dollar index and stocks is the case, but in a specific period of time, they are basically bound. Neither the cross market formation of the law, is not accidental, is inevitable, because it has the same limitation and variability. Not to believe, not superstitious, but as long as in a period of time it became law in a certain period and a certain market, a kind of variety, that is to focus on the study of things. There are differences between supply and demand is the key from the end of last year so far this year, although the dollar trend after the first Yang, non-ferrous metals in the long term after the introduction of a large wave of deep level相关的主题文章: