Counterattack Odom criticized harden you only put Kohler as a springboard 海思k3v2

Counterattack? Odom criticized harden: you only put Kohler as a springboard for his wife Odom harden attacked sina sports news Beijing standard time on February 26th, according to "the Hollywood life" reported Odom, former NBA star Lamar – not only surprised Kohler Kardashian and James harden broke up, he also claimed that the Kohler Kardashian harden just as a springboard. During the period of harden and Kohler Kardashian’s romance lasted for about half a year, Odom, a sudden accident and hospitalization. Since then, Kohler most of the time in the company of Odom lying on the bed, while continuing to harden and dating. But because of harden carrying out Touxing Kohler, Kohler finally decided to break up with him. Recently, Kohler also said in an interview that she had the evidence that harden was derailed. "James (harden) derailed did not surprise Lamar." One insider said, "he (harden) just want to close to Kohler, so he can be with a woman. He is taking advantage of her name to be able to get a reputation in the entertainment world and to be invited to some of the most famous places in Losangeles." "NBA didn’t make him stand out. Kohler can." The insider continued, "he’s just one of her fans, and Lamar always knows that." Kardashian said." (Rosen)

反击?奥多姆抨击哈登:你只把科勒当成跳板 奥多姆为妻抨击哈登   新浪体育讯   北京时间2月26日,据《好莱坞生活》报道,前NBA球星拉玛尔-奥多姆不仅不惊讶科勒-卡戴珊与詹姆斯-哈登分手,他还声称哈登只是把科勒-卡戴珊当成一块跳板。   哈登与科勒-卡戴珊的恋情持续了半年左右的时间,期间,奥多姆突然出事并住院治疗。此后,科勒绝大部分时间内都在陪伴躺在病床上的奥多姆,同时继续和哈登拍拖。但是由于哈登背着科勒在外偷腥,科勒最终决定和他分手。   近日,科勒在接受采访时还表示她拥有哈登出轨的证据。   “詹姆斯(哈登)出轨并没有让拉玛尔感到惊讶。”一位知情人士说道,“他(哈登)只想接近科勒,这样他可以和一位名女人约会。他正在利用她的名字,从而能够在娱乐圈获得名声并且受邀去洛杉矶的一些最有名的场所。”   “NBA没有能够让他(哈登)脱颖而出。科勒可以。”该知情人士继续说道,“他只是她(卡戴珊)的粉丝之一,拉玛尔一直都清楚这点。”   (罗森)相关的主题文章: