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The consumer online shopping TV LETV sued the defendant denied non order type fraud – Sohu news LETV last year "919 black red fans Festival network promotion propaganda". LETV mall website screenshot "black red 919 fans Festival Network promotions, LETV response delay delivery problem. LETV mall website screenshot last year "black music as the company held 919 red fans Festival network promotion, 35 consumers for LETV not timely delivery, delivery and ordering models such as inconsistent TV, music as the company sued consumer fraud. Yesterday, Chaoyang Court hearing of the 4 consumers sued music as the company’s case, the two sides online shopping problems, belong to fraud or breach of contract each one sticks to his argument. Consumers said the order was changed a single part of the consumer complaint TV show, the music company held "919 black red fans festival in September 19th last year’s commodity spot promotion. The same day, some consumers to participate in activities through the music store, and ordered goods activities of music as a super TV X50Air Zhang Yimou Art Edition, and related service members, as promised in the delivery of a week after the payment period. These consumers said that after the purchase of a single payment, the music did not fulfill the obligations in accordance with the agreement, there is no time for delivery, which is not the same as the TV and the publicity given by the model does not match the situation. In this regard, 35 consumers to the Chaoyang Court, the defendants include LETV Holdings (Beijing) Co., Ltd., LETV information technology (Beijing) and Limited by Share Ltd as the new electronic technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the new company). Consumers believe that the defendant did not fulfill the contract in accordance with the contract, has constituted fraud, damage to the plaintiff and other consumers’ legitimate rights and interests, so the prosecution as the refund of the price and compensation for 3 times. "Different consumers to buy different products, so the amount of charges are not the same, according to the 35 consumer attorney Zhang Tao, of which more than 20 consumer orders are included in the X50Air version of the Zhang Yimou art super TV, one part of the consumer has not received the customer service phone case directly received the so-called LETV" upgrade "products, there are some consumers received electricity supplier customer service phone after refusing to change the model, but the music sent or substitute. The defendant denied the existence of fraud trial, the first defendant LETV information technology holding company and the second defendant LETV (Beijing) Limited by Share Ltd said that they did not form a contractual relationship with consumers. Consumers should appeal to the new music as the company claims. The third defendants as the new company said in reply, "black 919 red fans Festival on the same day, due to instantaneous site traffic is too large, causing the system to crash, as the new company issued a notice in the music as the mall website said that some users can submit orders, submit the order extended time of 24 hours, as the new company in the consumer do not choose a free upgrade commodity case has been refunded the order price to consumers, consumers sued for the return of the price of the claim has no basis in fact. "The company has been actively fulfill the contract between the Wei and the consumer相关的主题文章: