College students playing mobile phone sudden death needs to be

College students playing mobile phone sudden death cause of death still need to check the map for the scene monitoring screenshot. The classroom, a student with a look at the mobile phone, suddenly he fell down to the ground become unconscious, after the rescue invalid died. On the morning of 21, Guangdong ATV entertainment Career Academy Department of art and design Junior Luo due to sudden illness of sudden death in the classroom. After the police investigation, has ruled out homicide. However, the specific cause of death needs further examination. Currently, the aftermath of the work is in progress. It is understood that the accident student Luo, born in 1996 in Guangdong, ATV entertainment Career Academy environmental art design professional learning. The 305 classroom monitoring Luo took the whole process at that time. According to the time of the class Jia teacher, then the students discuss the organization of environmental art design scheme, called Luo as they have in the past is very normal. Surveillance video shows, during class, Luo laughing and talking, and classmates some questions from time to time. However, the accident happened in a flash. Through surveillance video to see, morning at 8:52 PM, watching the mobile phone Luo suddenly he fell down on the ground. After the incident, rushed to a male teacher to call the 120 emergency call. 120 emergency doctors rushed over after nearly 50 minutes after the emergency rescue, and ultimately failed to restore the Luo young life. "Such a big college, not even a clinic and a full-time doctor." Yesterday, dad and all relatives and friends Luo classmates said, the child suddenly fainted, "no doctor rushed to the rescue, did not take the initiative to a nearby hospital, the best treatment time." In this regard, ATV, responsible person responded that they and within the jurisdiction of the community health service station reached a medical service agreement, only one kilometer away from the straight line distance of. On the treatment, the incident has been the first time to call the emergency call. About 7:55 in the morning, two hours: Luo with computer and my classmates went into the classroom, near the blackboard at the desk, the computer on the table, and sat down to open the computer. About 8:14 in the morning, Luo beside a classmate changed my seat, the students sitting at his computer operation. He sometimes watch the program on the computer, sometimes playing with the phone, and occasionally lying on the table to play the phone. At 8:52 in the morning watching the mobile phone Luo suddenly sideways on the chair next to me after falling down on the ground. (Guangzhou daily)相关的主题文章: