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The mind boggling flow of innovation drives enterprises and corporations to roll out new software products as well as the ability to revitalize the existing enterprise applications. The pace of Disruptive innovation is pushing the markets beyond the imagination of the human race. Innovations clash with each other across operating systems, browsers, devices and networks. The role and importance of IP comes into place when the concept has to be guarded against leakage. It is crucial to have a testing partner who is mature enough to understand the importance of guarding the clients IP. And IP calls for security. Security systems and protocol adherence of the test service provider is only one half of the IP shield. The other half lies in having a resource pool whose recruitment policy prohibits sharing of clients information. Because the resource pool has access to the information while testing, it is essential to control the flow of information and to ensure zero scope for leakage. Smart testing enterprises recognize the need for ensuring IP protection across the test life cycle. Be it software development or an enterprise application, security lies in the ability to protect minute details and then moves on to bigger aspects of software. Before engaging an independent tester, ensure the test service provider is equipped with Resources complaint with confidentiality agreements and relevant IP protection mechanisms A robust ISMS policy Technology leaders in the management level If protection of clients IP by Independent testers is an important concern, then IP led testing is an equally attractive differentiator for the test service provider. The leading Testing tools and open source tools in Software Testing industry drive ahead with the weight of their IP. But the services and solutions of these tools are limited to two major parameters i.e. they cater to most common test requirements or to large scale requirements. But since innovation comes up with unique concepts it also needs to be tested in unique ways. At this junction, IP in software testing enriches the process of innovation by providing point solutions where the gaps exist. IP which helps bridge the solution gaps left unfilled by the leading service providers as well as open source tools, works as a converging agent within the IT landscape. Cigniti Technologies is an independent software testing services company that is headquartered in Irving, Texas and has Cigniti has global delivery centers in the US, India, London, and Colombia. Cigniti offers on demand access for key services such as core testing, test automation, performance testing, mobile testing, robotics testing and security testing Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – .puters-and-Technology 相关的主题文章: