Chongqing Wanda stationery city opened yesterday (video) coscoqd

Chongqing Wanda Wen tour city opened yesterday morning in September 23rd, a huge "Camellia" in the Western District of Shapingba City gorgeous blooming". The Chongqing city architectural design inspiration Wanda Exhibition Center opened, marking a total investment of 55 billion yuan in the city of Chongqing Wanda cultural tourism project construction officially started. The project is scheduled for completion in 2020, annual tourists is expected to reach 20 million people, the annual income of 8 billion to 10 billion yuan, and help Chongqing to speed up the construction of international tourism destination. Mayor Huang Qifan attended the launching ceremony of the project. Chongqing Wanda travel city, which started yesterday, is the key project of the municipal government cultural tourism, and also the twelfth large-scale cultural tourism project launched by Wanda Group in china. The project has a total investment of 55 billion yuan, covers an area of 460 hectares, of which the cultural tourism investment is more than 26 billion yuan. This is not only the first settled in municipalities directly under the central government, Wanda text brigade Town, central and western regions has the largest area, largest investment, the highest level of the planning Wanda city tour. It is understood that the positioning of Chongqing Wanda text brigade city will focus on Chongqing to create a beautiful landscape of the city, emphasizing the cultural inheritance and innovation, to create the world’s top Wanda Mao, a world-class outdoor theme park, Riverside bar street, world-class resort hotel group, the largest tourist town, international top stage show, Millennium Cultural snow this temple seven format, combined with the Chongqing "mountain" and "Jiangcheng" style and profound cultural connotation, make Chongqing more elegant charm. Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin said that Chongqing is one of the National Center of the city, China is the fastest growing economic regions, is a hot investment enterprise "". A strategic investment agreement last year, Wanda and Chongqing signed a total investment of 150 billion yuan, the Chongqing Wanda city tour is one of the most core project, Wanda Group will make it into the world of large text brigade project classic. Yan Ping, Vice Minister of the municipal Party committee and Propaganda Department of Tan Jialing, attended the launching ceremony. According to the Chongqing daily video and the original irrelevant, only to expand reading: Wanda to build China Version of the mini world cup"

重庆万达文旅城昨日开建9月23日上午,一朵硕大的“山茶花”在沙坪坝区西部新城绚丽“绽放”。这个以重庆市花为建筑设计灵感的万达展示中心的建成开放,标志着总投资550亿元的重庆万达文化旅游城项目建设正式启动。该项目计划于2020年建成,预计年接待游客将达2000万人次,年收入80亿至100亿元,并助力重庆加快建设国际知名旅游目的地。市长黄奇帆出席了项目启动仪式。昨日动工的重庆万达文旅城,是市政府文化旅游重点项目,也是万达集团在全国开工的第12个大型文旅项目。该项目总投资达550亿元,占地面积460公顷,其中文化旅游投资额超过260亿元。这不仅是首个落户直辖市的万达文旅城,也是中西部地区迄今面积最大、投资最多、规划水平最高的万达文旅城。据了解,重庆万达文旅城将围绕重庆打造美丽山水城市的定位,强调文化传承与创新,打造全球顶级“万达茂”、世界级室外主题乐园、滨河酒吧街、世界级度假酒店群、西南最大旅游新城、国际顶尖舞台秀场、千年文化地飞雪寺这七大业态,结合重庆“山城”、“江城”风貌和深厚的文化内涵,让魅力重庆更添风采。万达集团董事长王健林表示,重庆是国家中心城市之一,也是中国经济发展最快的区域,是企业投资的“热点”。去年万达与重庆签订了总投资达1500亿元的战略投资协议,重庆万达文旅城是其中最核心的项目,万达集团将把它打造成世界大型文旅项目的经典之作。市委常委、宣传部部长燕平,副市长谭家玲出席了启动仪式。据重庆日报视频与原文无关,仅供拓展阅读: 万达打造中国版“迷你世界杯”相关的主题文章: