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Chongqing property market, Kim Gu turnover rose developers force silver ten – Chongqing, October (Xinhua) (9): the city housing market is becoming a hot topic. Autumn Fair in Chongqing in October is about to kick off, many local developers launched a variety of promotional activities to attract buyers eye. According to the Chongqing Real Estate Association released in mid September, the real estate transaction data presentation, Chongqing city commercial housing approved 203 thousand and 300 square meters, an increase of 31.59%, down 70.67%; turnover area of 418 thousand and 100 square meters, a decrease of 2.26%, down 2.12%. Among them, the high-rise commercial housing turnover area of 298 thousand and 800 square meters, accounting for 71.79%; multi commodity housing (Garden Villa) closing an area of 45 thousand and 400 square meters, accounting for 10.91%; low density residential (villas) closing an area of 31 thousand and 900 square meters, accounting for 7.66%; the decoration of the housing transaction area of 40 thousand and 200 square meters, accounting for 9.66%. Chongqing’s real estate sales growth location and facilities affect the price of the reporter visited Chongqing several real estate to the beginning of October, Vanke, China shipping, financial record, Hengda, Longhu and other well-known brand enterprises in September sales growth. Guanlan poly launched projects, optimize the products after the launch of more than and 160 sets, sold more than and 140 sets, the digestive rate was 80% – 90%. "Changes in house prices are affected by lots and facilities." Poly (Chongqing) industrial investment limited company marketing director Zhou Wei said that Chongqing’s real estate relative to the new first-tier cities, real estate price is high, such as poly mission sales of 140 sets, 40 sets of buyers are foreign customers. Zhou Wei said that from the continued increase in the supply of view, developers in the active inventory, but also in preparation for the golden nine silver ten, the property market season must be sufficient volume. With the fall of Chongqing in October Housing Fair opening soon, many developers are optimistic about the holiday property market started to increase the volume, market share. The "golden nine silver ten is the traditional sales season, certainly not missing, but we should try our best to become sales battlefield hero, launched the suspense type advertising slogan — Poly gold storm." Has been ranked in the top ten list of sales poly publicly stated that the main target is the main city, the second half of this year to take at least 1-2 block, the next 3-5 years will enter the top three in Chongqing. Zhou Wei said that the Housing Fair is equivalent to the purchase of the festival, the customer will buy a house at this point, but not necessarily go to the housing fair to buy a house, so poly will be designed in the housing fair some preferential policies. Free trade zone to promote the development of commercial property market platform for the establishment of a free trade zone for the entire Chongqing Chongqing real estate is undoubtedly a booster. The profession that the FTA is more stimulate consumption, the business sector is more active, such as the free trade area to drive the business development, the inevitable stimulation of the shops, office buildings, indirectly to inject vitality into the real estate market, driven by housing market demand. Chongqing free trade zone approved in September, Chongqing in the entire western area is a leader or force point, long相关的主题文章: