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UnCategorized Charlotte accident lawyers are on the front line when it .es to being an advocate for bicyclists who seek fair .pensation for their injuries in a car accident. They have first hand understanding of the importance of wearing a bicycle helmet. Research has revealed that wearing bike helmets will greatly reduce a rider’s risk for head injuries when they are involved in an accident. Their decision to wear a bike helmet will be highly instrumental in helping their attorney to obtain fair and reasonable .pensation. Safety as a personal choice Regrettably, opponents of bicycle helmet laws have been causing a serious debate over the mandatory use of a bike helmet. They purport that any safety benefit that .es from wearing a bike helmet is offset by the sense of security that bicyclists gain from wearing helmets. They argue that cyclists who wear helmets tend to engage in more risky behaviors and ride with greater speed. The fact of the matter is that cyclists, who wear helmets, do so because they understand the dangers of riding a bike in auto traffic. Studies reveal that those who wear safety equipment are actually more safety conscious. Some suggest that it is ludicrous to suggest that wearing bike helmets encourages risky behavior. This is the same ridiculous argument that opponents of seat belts used to try and confound the public when mandatory seatbelt laws were being debated. Doctors and health care providers are quick to point out that wearing a helmet greatly reduces the risk of head injury in a crash. Use a helmet In North Carolina, as it is in many states across the country, a jury is allowed to consider the fact that a rider failed to use safety equipment such as a helmet; and to determine if this caused or contributed to the injuries suffered in their crash. Even if the other party can be found at fault, riders can be found partially or .pletely responsible for their own injury. The end result can be a significant reduction or elimination of their ability to recover damages. Even if an accident attorney gets the maximum .pensation for his or her client, traumatic brain injury is a serious and sometimes lasting consequence for those involved in bicycle accidents. Do yourself a favor and wear a helmet whenever you decide to ride your bike. Speak with one of the top accident attorneys in Charlotte, NC Even if you are not sure that you have a case, you have nothing to lose by seeking advice from a car accident injury attorney. They have been helping residents of North Carolina seek justice. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: