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Changsha a kindergarten teacher Baitouweng trapped by a ladder to rescue the original title: Baitouweng trapped in kindergarten, the teacher take the ladder to rescue in November 12th, Changsha Gu Feng Bei Lu Hui en Le kindergarten, a Baitouweng flew into the room, kindergarten teacher of their income in the cage. Reporter Chen Zhengben reported Changsha map news in November 11th more than 12 noon, Yuelu District Changsha Gu Feng Bei Lu Hui en Le kindergarten, a Baitouweng (aka pycnonotussinensis) flew into the room, in the kindergarten hall ran for more than 2 hours. When the bird was trapped in the park, it was hurt. The kindergarten teacher moved the ladder and used the net to keep it in the cage. The enthusiastic teacher took it home to take care of the night. In November 12th, the bird was sent to the Wildlife Conservation Association of Changsha, and no significant injuries were detected. The workers released the bird at the scene. At first, the bird was discovered by kindergarten teacher Peng wei. She recalled, 11 noon, they are checking the children’s lunch break, found a bird flying to the door of the carpet. At first, she didn’t pay much attention. More than 10 minutes later, when he came to the gate again, he saw that the bird had already entered the room and flew in the lobby of the kindergarten. "It’s unstable, it’s turning, it’s one or two meters, and it’s going to fall on the ground." Peng said that they suspected that the bird was injured and was going to take it to the pet hospital for inspection. Unfortunately, the bird has been drilled into the gap of the ceiling several times, and the kindergarten teacher moved to the ladder and used the net to keep it in the cage. Because there is no pet hospital near the nursery, and worried that birds will be eaten by other animals, 11 days later, Peng micro will also take this bird home care. In November 12th, the reporter handed the bird to the Wildlife Conservation Association of Changsha, and was examined by professionals. The birds were not injured and were released. Changsha City wildlife protection association responsible person, Pulsatilla "national three animal protection, is also the state protects the beneficial or of important economic or scientific value of terrestrial wild animal protection, public awareness is worthy of praise. With the development of urbanization, the living areas of some birds intersect with the living areas of citizens, and the probability of birds entering the human living area is also great, but it is not necessarily trapped in a place because it is injured. The public can try to be released into the wild in the rescue after. (Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Tan Jian): Hunan Changsha video recommendation a muck truck rammed into the public kindergarten "plug stone forced to stop" click to enter the 2016 Hunan education survey questionnaire, fill in the sweep as well as Iphone7, apple-watch and QQ doll, custom U disk and other hundreds of trench ceremony waiting for you! Don’t take them home soon? For him ~ ~ (big Xiangjun secretly tell you, the probability of winning the super high!)

长沙一只白头翁被困幼儿园 老师搭梯子施救原标题:白头翁被困幼儿园,老师搭梯子施救11月12日,长沙谷丰北路慧恩乐幼儿园,一只白头翁飞进室内,幼儿园老师将其收入鸟 笼里。图 记者陈正本报长沙讯 11月11日中午12点多,长沙岳麓区谷丰北路慧恩乐幼儿园,一只白头翁(又名白头鹎)飞进室内,在幼儿园的大厅内窜了2个多小时。见这只鸟被困园区,以为其受了伤,幼儿园的老师搬梯子、用网将其收入鸟笼内,热心的老师还将其带回家照顾了一晚。11月12日,这只鸟被送到长沙市野生动植物保护协会,经检查并未有明显受伤,工作人员现场将其放生。最初发现这只鸟的是幼儿园的老师彭微。她回忆,11日中午,他们正在检查孩子的午休情况,发现一只鸟飞到大门口的地毯上。起初,她未过多留意。10多分钟后,再次来到大门口附近时,看到这只鸟已经进入室内,在幼儿园的大厅内飞来飞去。“它飞不稳,转来转去的,飞个一两米,就要落到地上。”彭微说,他们怀疑这只鸟是受了伤,准备将其收起来送到宠物医院检查。可苦恼的是,这只鸟几次都钻进吊顶的空隙内,幼儿园的老师搬来爬梯,用网将其收入鸟笼内。因为幼儿园附近没有宠物医院,又担心鸟会被其他动物吃掉,11日晚,彭微还将这只鸟带回家中照顾。11月12日,记者将这只鸟交到了长沙市野生动植物保护协会,经专业人员检查,鸟儿并未受伤,并现场进行了放生。长沙市野生动植物保护协会相关负责人介绍,白头翁属“国家三有保护动物”,也就是国家保护的有益的或者有重要经济、科学研究价值的陆生野生动物,市民的保护意识值得称赞。随着城市化的发展,部分鸟类的生活区域与市民的生活区域交叉,鸟闯进人类生活区的概率也很大,但也不一定被困在某个地方就是因为受了伤。市民在解救后可以尝试将其放归自然。(潇湘晨报 记者覃剑)推荐视频: 湖南长沙一渣土车失控撞向幼儿园 众人“塞石逼停” 点击进入2016湖南教育状况调查问卷,扫一扫填写还有Iphone7、apple-watch及腾讯QQ公仔、定制U盘等几百个壕礼等着你!还不快把它们带回家?求抱走~~(大湘君偷偷告诉你,中奖概率超高!)相关的主题文章: