Central network letter office, Ministry of civil affairs jointly issued a document to strengthen the coscoqd

The central network information office, the Ministry of civil affairs jointly issued a document to strengthen the new network communication field in the construction of social organizations – recently, the central network information office and the Ministry of civil affairs jointly to the Civil Affairs Department issued around the net letter, "Circular on strengthening the network information field of social organization construction". "Notice" requirements around the network channel, the civil affairs departments to further unify their thinking, enhance understanding, to strengthen the network information field of social organization construction as an important task to promote the development of network information and social organization management innovation, an important place on schedule, take the initiative to create conducive to the network field of social organization construction, to jointly promote the network the letter field of social organization construction to a new level. "Notice" requirements of the provincial districts and municipal departments letter network and conditional county network accelerate the development of a number of key sectors of social organization, mainly covering the field of network security and information technology work. Civil affairs departments at all levels should cooperate closely, and network optimization services department, improving the management efficiency, and simplify the registration procedures within the scope permitted by law, to promote the national network information field to achieve rapid growth in the number of social organizations, actively construct a perfect social organization development pattern. "Notice" clearly, the civil affairs departments directly apply for registration in the audit of social organization, which relates to the field of information and network security, network information department at the same level shall seek opinions, strengthen audit and business scope. The field of the social organization of the network information outside the direct registration scope, continue to implement the civil administration department and the competent business unit responsible for the dual management system, network information by the competent business units or departments at the same level as to seek their views. "Notice" clear, net letter departments should increase the network information to guide the work of the field of social organization, give full play to support the industry representative advantage and grassroots advantage, serve as a bridge link of the party and government and users, Internet practitioners, broad consensus. To promote the development of the network to promote the development of social organizations in the field of faith, a number of brands to support a network of social organizations in the field of the letter, the demonstration led by the network of various social organizations in the field of common progress. "Notice" requirements of network channel, civil affairs departments to strengthen the supervision and management of social organizations network information field of daily activities, and guide the improvement of corporate governance structure and operation mechanism, strengthen the construction of honesty and self-discipline, strictly implement the relevant requirements of social organizations to separate the government. "Notice" requirements of network information department to strengthen the social organizational network in the field of leadership, selected with the strong Party organization, play a role in creating the conditions for the party organizations to carry out the work, the civil affairs department; according to the social organization registration, examination, evaluation and daily supervision, and urge to promote the network channel field social organizations to set up the party organize and carry out the work of the party.相关的主题文章: