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Suning home court 7 straight Olympic hi earthshaking offensive football is getting better-kamikaze love

Suning home court 7 consecutive Olympic Olympic football offensive getting better hey earthshaking hey earthshaking five wins in all competitions, home court seven straight, Suning state is really hot. Last night, the twenty-fifth round of Super League, Suning in the home court against Tianjin TEDA, with Xie Pengfei and Teixeira’s goal, Suning the final 2:0 victory over the opponent, reported this season first round 0:1 defeat away revenge. Won the game after the victory, Suning less than a game of Hengda 3 points, continue to put pressure on opponents. Modern Express reporter Wang Weiwen Gu Wei photo ZAKER Nanjing Su Ninghao and Tianjin TEDA home court home court seven straight game, Suning coach cuilong Zhu made an adjustment in the lineup, the Australian foreign aid thiessens Bree replace South Korea’s defender just as the first in Hong Wei, in the center of the three guard system in cuilong zhu. Hong Zhenghao’s recent poor performance, a series of two games in mistake, causing the other striker to score directly, let cuilong Zhu had to change their compatriots. Sainz Brie did not let cuilong Zhu disappointed, although in the recent competition can only substitute, but his condition was not affected, and Zhou Yun and Zhang Xiaobin two Wingbacks zero closure opponents. At the same time, solid defense, Suning offensive is still very fierce, thirteenth minutes, they scored the home game! Xie Pengfei on the other side of the frontier closed area lateral dribbling, then shot dead, Suning opened the scoring. It is worth mentioning that this is the first goal after Xie Pengfei joined Suning in the season. After the arrival of cuilong Zhu gave the young, a lot of opportunities, for him, also played a good effect. The second half of Suning re-entry ball – sixtieth minutes, Ji Xiang in the other areas near Fanqiang success, pass the ball accurately to find Teixeira, the latter a scimitar, the ball into the net. Suning 2:0 win over rivals. It is worth mentioning that, after the game, Suning has five wins in all competitions, the Nanjing Olympic Sports in the 7 game winning streak, and keep the Super League unbeaten record home court. However, the excellent record at the same time, Suning’s defense is not reassuring, cuilong Zhu, a good offensive football coach, has been using the three guard system, although let Suning attack more gorgeous and effective, but the players back in time, let the back line repeatedly let the opponent jianlou". Last night’s game opening soon, TEDA striker barbarian days get single opportunity and 2011 feet long shots, let Gu Chao surprised out in a cold sweat. Fans expect "won the super" last night on the pitch before the game, a loud noise caused a reporter’s attention, many fans are looking in the same direction, and come up with a mobile phone camera, originally a five year old fans holding a banner that read "we expect to win in super". There is no doubt that the banner of the voice of a lot of fans. Currently, the league is still the 5 round, after the game, Suning scored high in the league with a score of second points, less than a round of the game is only about 3 points Hengda difference. Even today, Hengda won the Liaoning Hongyun sits home court, Suning and list.相关的主题文章:

300 thousand personal information is illegal to sell these reselling code you know (video)-hamimelon

300 thousand personal information is illegal to sell these reselling code you know "the egg, a snack egg opened, a folding Jiangsu egg collection together with Dan jiang." This release in a QQ group of information makes people feel puzzled. In fact, this sentence is illegal trafficking of personal information to trade arena argot, its true meaning is: can mobile, telecom positioning, including Zhejiang, Jiangsu Unicom positioning, need to be single. Mobile code is a code word is a snack egg egg, telecom, ID name password for car car stalls…… These are reselling personal information code. Reporters today from Baokang County Public Security Bureau, the Bureau has uncovered a case of infringement of citizens’ personal information company. Xiangyang City, the company’s Business Advisory Center coat, code to do business, by QQ, WeChat buying and reselling personal information of citizens of more than 30, illegal profits more than 18 yuan. At present, the 8 suspects jingfangxingju, has been transferred to the prosecution prosecution. In June this year, Baokang County Public Security Bureau and the Xiangyang Municipal Public Security Bureau network security brigade has received a report, said the Xiangyang Fuerbang business consulting center of sale of personal information of citizens on the Internet, in order to find out the situation, designated by Baokang County Public Security Bureau network security brigade investigation. The police investigation found that the company responsible for the Fuerbang Business Consulting Center registered Zhang man a few years ago, is headquartered in Xiangyang City, in Shiyan, Jingmen, Xi’an also has offices. The marriage business scope enterprise credit investigation, business investigation, debt settlement, rights crackdown and investigation, search for access. Further investigation found that in 2012, Zhang had illegal access to personal information of citizens has been Fancheng police administrative detention for 10 days. After Mopai investigation, the police obtained Zhang through QQ, WeChat 32 people to buy personal information to others, and then sold to the relevant evidence. In June 19th, Zhang was arrested. Subsequently, the police follow it, went to Shandong, Sichuan, Henan and other places, has the Yang, gemou 8 suspects were arrested. Zhang explained that he contacted the purchase of information online and offline channels, there are communications company business hall of acquaintances, there are Yang, Ge (Zhang on the line) and other users. To this end, Zhang added a lot of WeChat group, QQ group, resource sharing and mutual exchange of needed products, trading. In the meantime, Zhang acts as a network of porters, reselling personal information to make the difference. For example: a through the company’s website linked to Zhang, information query and open house records, others such as mobile phone positioning, Zhang received the business after the release of information in the group using the network, or to find the frequent contact Yang, gemou users get a desired information, and then sold to a. According to the type of business and the volume of transactions, the transaction price of information. For example, mobile phone positioning a 300 yuan, 3 times a day 550 yuan, 800 yuan, 1200 yuan package weeks; check bank itemized, ranging from 1200 yuan to 2000 yuan. 1200 yuan can also find open room records…… In order to escape the police investigation, Zhang et al code to do business. "A national egg egg snacks opened, a folding Jiangsu egg collection together with Dan jiang." Police, this is released in a QQ group information, the actual meaning is available, including mobile telecom positioning.相关的主题文章:

Eat fruit to cool these days – tonic heat to eat

Eat fruit to cool these days – tonic fruit eating hot one cold day, a lot of people, especially pregnant women and children to eat cold fruit may appear bloating or diarrhea and other gastrointestinal discomfort. Some people simply do not touch, a winter fruit, of course, also dare to eat the children. How to do it? Nanjing city children’s Hospital nutritionist Liu Changwei said, in fact, some fruits are hot to eat the same nutrition, but also do not have a flavor. Apple, pear, loquat: boiled to eat apples, pears, etc. cut into small pieces into the pot, add water to cook to eat, or add a small amount of water into the container steamed eat. Of course, if can cold fruit can be eaten directly, only need to pay attention to not eating, so as not to cause stomach cold and bloating and other issues. A lot of people think that vitamin C is destroyed when heated. In fact, apple, pear vitamin C content is not high, vitamin B1 and folic acid content is also less. In addition, the organic acids in fruit, such as Apple’s malic acid can also protect vitamin C, so not as you imagine the vitamin C severely damaged. Moreover, carotene, lycopene and other fat soluble vitamins, as well as potassium, magnesium and other minerals, even steamed, but also basically can be retained. Moreover, the utility model has the advantages that the fruit is heated, the fiber is softened, and the utility model is easy to digest. The foreign study found that the content of apple polyphenols after heating natural antioxidants will greatly increase, this is because Apple after heating helps polyphenolic compounds release, while polyphenols can eliminate free radicals and antioxidant. Another purpose of cooking is to enhance the efficacy of fruit. Some of the cool fruit after high temperature cooking, stir fry, cool reduced. For the constitution of cold crowd, more suitable to eat. To Sydney for cooking, a therapeutic side is common. Sydney raw heat, fire, detoxification. Cooked food, Sydney Ziyin lungs function more prominent. In addition, such as rock candy Sydney, Kawabe Yukiri and other classic syrup, add different ingredients, cooking herbs, two kinds of ingredients can complement each other, enhance the efficacy. In addition, loquat cooked syrup can improve the antitussive and expectorant effect; hawthorn processing into hawthorn tablets can reduce the acidity of the fruit itself, improve the performance of Xiaoshi appetizer; kumquat, orange, honey, pickled, can improve the efficacy of phlegm thirst, these are the common methods of fruit effect enhancement. Oranges, oranges: steamed to eat oranges, oranges cut into small pieces, add water to cook or eat steamed, but also with other fruits such as apples, pears, etc.. The content of vitamin C rich fruits, compared with apples and pears, heating after the destruction of vitamin C may be more, but do not have to worry too much, after all, in addition to vitamin C in fruits, and other nutrients are not afraid of heat. The fruit is usually heated tangerines and oranges are rich in vitamin C will be more acid, suggestions and apples and pears cooked to eat, sweet and sour taste, also do not have a flavor, and a variety of fruits with cooked nutrition can also complement each other. Kiwi fruit: kiwi fruit after heat is rich in vitamin C, is a good source of vitamin C supplement, if boiled or steam heating is likely to cause a lot of damage to vitamin C相关的主题文章:

Zhengzhou city at the end of a village in the middle of next month zhangjiacun opening (video)-pr011.msi

Zhengzhou city at the end of a village in the middle of next month zhangjiacun opened yesterday, Zhang village has many tenants looking for a new residence after Zhengzhou city Liu Zhuang, Miao Li and Chen Village, located in North Central Zhengzhou Zhang village will also open. It is reported that this is also the focus of the village of Zhengzhou City Jinshui District, the last one will be the demolition of the village. Reporters learned that, in accordance with the plan, before the end of this year is expected to complete the transformation of villages in the city plan, the city of Zhengzhou will no longer be within the city of Victoria village. Oriental Daily News – · news reporters were square meters mammoth; Shen Xiangtu mid next month after Zhang Zhengzhou jinshuiqu village will be opened in November 22nd this year, after the winter’s first snow covered the whole of Zhengzhou, Chen Dong got up very early, after a simple wash, he began working in the online search for rental housing information, because another half a month, Chen Dong rented Zhang village will be demolished. A day earlier, Zhang village will be relocated to the news had spread. It is reported that, according to the plan, from November 21, 2016 to November 25th for the publicity and mobilization phase, from November 26th to December 10th and the signing of the agreement relocation stage, after December 11th, will enter the stage of housing demolition and garbage removal. Chen Dong was born in 1993 last year after graduating from a university in Zhengzhou, a lot of students as he chose to stay in Zhengzhou to work, become a Zheng Piao, he originally rented in the temple at the end of last year, Li, Miao Li facing demolition, he moved to the village zhang. "I have two university students in zhangjiacun, we are ready to flat-share, find a small room or two room houses, rent equally, each person was eight hundred or nine hundred dollars, a little expensive than the rent here, but the environment is much better than in the village." The reporter learned that, at present many rental in the village Zhang Zheng drift and Chen Dong, has been busy looking for a new place to live. This is the last village in Erqi District is located in Zhengzhou City, North Sanhuan, city of Victoria to jinshuiqu south of the northern region had the distribution of Chen Village, Miao Li, Liu Zhuang, Shao Zhuang, Huangzhai, Salmonella, Liulin and many other villages in the city, has become one of the focus of Zheng drift here many years before. Reporters from Zhengzhou City Fung Hing Road Subdistrict Office learned that zhangjiacun has become the last village jinshuiqu. "At present, Guoji Road Street area of 7 villages have been achieved in the relocation of big head landing. Among them, Lu Zhai resettlement housing construction part of the house has been completed, Yang Jun Liu Village resettlement housing construction has already started." Relevant responsible person told the reporter jinshuiqu Guoji Road Subdistrict Office recently, Shao Yuan Village resettlement housing construction will be fully started. "Zhang Village village reconstruction is the inevitable requirement to accelerate the development of the north of the city of Zhengzhou." Fung Hing Road Subdistrict Office staff told reporters that at present, Zhang Village village reconstruction project relocation compensation scheme has been discussed and determined, the relocation time node has been clear, work is ongoing zhangjiacun demolition of propaganda and mobilization. Reporter noted that, according to the release of jinshuiqu zhangjiacun villages and area reconstruction project headquarters signed an agreement in December 10th before the announcement, and empty a house, the relocation will give 70 thousand yuan reward. Before the end of the city of Victoria in Zhengzhou will no longer have 200 villages from the original相关的主题文章:

2016 Pudong international auto show opening intelligent transportation into bright spot – Sha-gamelink

The 2016 Pudong international auto show   intelligent transportation into a bright spot – Shanghai channel — (commissioning editor: Tang Xiaoli, Xuan Zhao strong)相关的主题文章: