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Chongqing property market, Kim Gu rose developers force silver ten – China Network googims

Chongqing property market, Kim Gu turnover rose developers force silver ten – Chongqing, October (Xinhua) (9): the city housing market is becoming a hot topic. Autumn Fair in Chongqing in October is about to kick off, many local developers launched a variety of promotional activities to attract buyers eye. According to the Chongqing Real Estate Association released in mid September, the real estate transaction data presentation, Chongqing city commercial housing approved 203 thousand and 300 square meters, an increase of 31.59%, down 70.67%; turnover area of 418 thousand and 100 square meters, a decrease of 2.26%, down 2.12%. Among them, the high-rise commercial housing turnover area of 298 thousand and 800 square meters, accounting for 71.79%; multi commodity housing (Garden Villa) closing an area of 45 thousand and 400 square meters, accounting for 10.91%; low density residential (villas) closing an area of 31 thousand and 900 square meters, accounting for 7.66%; the decoration of the housing transaction area of 40 thousand and 200 square meters, accounting for 9.66%. Chongqing’s real estate sales growth location and facilities affect the price of the reporter visited Chongqing several real estate to the beginning of October, Vanke, China shipping, financial record, Hengda, Longhu and other well-known brand enterprises in September sales growth. Guanlan poly launched projects, optimize the products after the launch of more than and 160 sets, sold more than and 140 sets, the digestive rate was 80% – 90%. "Changes in house prices are affected by lots and facilities." Poly (Chongqing) industrial investment limited company marketing director Zhou Wei said that Chongqing’s real estate relative to the new first-tier cities, real estate price is high, such as poly mission sales of 140 sets, 40 sets of buyers are foreign customers. Zhou Wei said that from the continued increase in the supply of view, developers in the active inventory, but also in preparation for the golden nine silver ten, the property market season must be sufficient volume. With the fall of Chongqing in October Housing Fair opening soon, many developers are optimistic about the holiday property market started to increase the volume, market share. The "golden nine silver ten is the traditional sales season, certainly not missing, but we should try our best to become sales battlefield hero, launched the suspense type advertising slogan — Poly gold storm." Has been ranked in the top ten list of sales poly publicly stated that the main target is the main city, the second half of this year to take at least 1-2 block, the next 3-5 years will enter the top three in Chongqing. Zhou Wei said that the Housing Fair is equivalent to the purchase of the festival, the customer will buy a house at this point, but not necessarily go to the housing fair to buy a house, so poly will be designed in the housing fair some preferential policies. Free trade zone to promote the development of commercial property market platform for the establishment of a free trade zone for the entire Chongqing Chongqing real estate is undoubtedly a booster. The profession that the FTA is more stimulate consumption, the business sector is more active, such as the free trade area to drive the business development, the inevitable stimulation of the shops, office buildings, indirectly to inject vitality into the real estate market, driven by housing market demand. Chongqing free trade zone approved in September, Chongqing in the entire western area is a leader or force point, long相关的主题文章:

Meizu Pro 6S has four axis OIS image stabilization lens is not the standard concert

Meizu Pro 6S has four axis OIS image stabilization lens is not the standard concert Tencent digital news (Su Yang) Beijing time on November 3rd, Meizu new conference, officially released Pro 6 upgrade version of Pro 6S, equipped with four axis optical anti shake camera, the main camera performance, the price of 2699 yuan, November 7th officially on sale. Appearance, the new Pro 6S is still consistent with the previous generation, is still a "broad brush" process of metal fuselage and 3D sandblasting process, moonlight silver, champagne gold, black sky and rose gold four kinds of color body". Configuration, PRO 6S equipped with Helio X25 10 core processor, 5.2 inches 1080P AMOLED screen, running memory 4GB, body storage for 64GB, the battery capacity of 3060 Ma, support mCharge 3 fast charging, pre fingerprint identification keys, public version supports 6 Die 18 frequency full Netcom and dual card dual standby, native support for VoLTE the call by USB Type-C interface program, the fuselage. As an upgraded version of Pro 6, the new SONY IMX386 CMOS machine is introduced, and 12 million effective pixels, first introduced the four axis optical image stabilization technology, body front 2 f more aperture 5 million pixel camera, support intelligent beauty algorithm, adaptive skin technology. In addition, the new Pro 6S is also integrated with CS43L36 decoding amp integrated chip Cirrus Logic, with the introduction of a new generation of mSound technology and NXP Smart third generation PA system, can provide the Hi-Fi sound level. Conference, Meizu also launched an adaptation of Pro 6S music phone shell Music Card, you can make the phone instantly turned into a similar Meizu M3 music player appearance of the product, priced at 149 yuan. Recommendation: attention Tencent digital WeChat official number (ID:qqdigi), take you to play all kinds of cool new products, cutting-edge information, first-hand evaluation, video engage machine, fun to play live, as well as a variety of novelty play. What eggplant cucumber can not eat only? How can a woman stand and Boo? Frozen dog did not want to do wear long johns? IPhone 8 supports wireless charging? The answers are all here.相关的主题文章:

Experience the farewell cool cherry MX 9 as the game keyboard started not low

The experience of a farewell cool Cherry MX 9: as the game keyboard does not start low now close your eyes and think, Cherry should look like? All key, MX axis, no lights, cool style. But this year, Cherry MX 8 and 9 (hereinafter referred to as MX 8 and MX 9) the two devices may refresh the user on the keyboard equipment factory feelings "impression, such as the MX 8 87 keys, for example we said today that MX 9 RGB backlight. We feel a MX 9 different products have different market positioning from the packaging can, so even if you only see Cherry MX 9 propaganda figure, can also know that this is a positioning game user keyboard, which also is the first in the history of the Cherry. After all, the market players and purchasing power, we still have a few. This is faith LOGO MX 9 has a typical appearance of elements of the game keyboard for not speaking, and the game keyboard function; for example, the personality of the line side lighting, oversized knobs, such as the definition of key macro. As a game keyboard, at first glance, the others all have, as we have said slowly experience. Obviously the other corner game keyboard design game series lamp factory, is a kind of game player to call the keyboard manufacturers such as Razer, such as the pirate ship; in general, RGB keyboard in addition to many colors, people are most concerned about the play of lights. MX 9 in the present situation, support: single color RGB color, monochrome breath, rolling game mode, the monochrome marquee play. Unfortunately, MX 9 has not yet adapted firmware spread, and its support for the Mac will be even worse. Of course, this is also a common problem in many game keyboards. Light color is rich, diverse experience some of the details, MX9.0 adopts double color injection ABS for transparent cap, cap, MX 9 font weight to grasp the degree of good, it can be regarded as the basic level of the slender. The kind of skin texture cap coating, feel good, but because it is commonly used ABS material, what is inevitable off. Transparent Fonts is fine class skin coating will certainly feel good for a long time is still off cap, MX 9 choose the original cap height, compared to the current common OEM height somewhat low, with black shaft according to the pressure of moderate overall dry up many flat and agile. The touch area is larger, transferred from different types of cap are not easy to misuse. The first launch is positive black shaft and then look at the touch area of the overall layout of MX 9 and 104 key thought the same, but with the macro keys and shortcut keys on the keyboard, so the edge to locate the users may not meet. Specific to these more out of the button, it includes 12 separate macro buttons and 3 multimedia keys. If it is on the roller and the surrounding function keys, a total of the keyboard keys.相关的主题文章:

Han Bin intends as director of the Henan provincial Party History Research Center for local leadersh icesword

Han Bin intends as director of the Henan provincial Party History Research Center for local leadership, October 8 Beijing Xinhua (Tang Jiayi) according to the "Henan daily" news, yesterday, the CPC Henan provincial Party Committee Organization Department of the former publicity on the 2 Office of leading cadres to be promoted. Han Bin, the incumbent provincial Party school vice president, deputy party secretary, vice president of Henan administrative institute, intended as director of Party History Research Office candidate; Wang Yi, deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League, the Henan provincial Party member, intended as the Henan Provincial Communist Youth League Secretary candidates. Publicity reads as follows: we will be promoted by the provincial Party committee to study office cadres publicity as follows, please Supervision: Han Bin, born in December 1962, Henan Shenqiu people, the Central Party school graduate, In-Service Master of public administration, the Chinese Communist Party, provincial Party school vice president, deputy party secretary, vice president of Henan administrative institute, October 2003 vice the Department, as director of Party History Research Office. Wang Yi, female, born in May 1980, Henan Xuchang people, postgraduate degree, doctor of philosophy, the Chinese Communist Party members, deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League of Henan provincial Party committee, Party members, deputy departmental level in September 2012, intended as Henan Provincial Communist Youth League Secretary candidates. The publicity period: October 8, 2016 to October 12, 2016 supervision Tel: 0371-12380 of the CPC Henan provincial Party Committee Organization Department in October 7, 2016 more channel original personnel more click query related news and more information on local leaders:   (commissioning editor: Tang Jiayi, Xu Donger)相关的主题文章:

Kawasaki heavy industries will bid for the New York subway or and in the enterprise competition g-area meru

Kawasaki heavy industries will bid for the New York subway or in the U.S. stock market competition Center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks news Beijing time 7 days Kyodo News Agency reported, 7 July, Japan’s Kawasaki heavy industries company decided to join us into New York metro vehicle manufacturer bid. China’s big rail car makers, which are also taking advantage of the low price, are also interested in it, so it is possible that there will be a confrontation between China and japan. Orders will reach a maximum of 1545 vehicles, is expected to be the fastest in the middle of next year to determine the manufacturer. According to Kawasaki heavy industry revealed that the company holds the largest share of the vehicle in New York metro. In the future will be more technical strength for more weapons orders. New York subway late morning and evening peak is serious, the New York Public Transport Bureau in order to more easily ride down, decided to introduce a new car to broaden the door R211 to replace the old vehicles. The car will be available to allow passengers to use the smart phone access to the Internet WiFi, but also can charge, improve passenger comfort. In addition to Kawasaki heavy industries, the China Zhongche Chinese, Canada’s manufacturers have to show interest in bidding. Chinese in March this year through its successful bid of Chicago railway vehicle enterprises. If Kawasaki heavy industries will receive orders in the fabrication of prototype is located in Kobe city of Hyogo factory. Mass production vehicles are scheduled to be completed in major parts of the plant in Nebraska, assembled in a fully completed plant in New York. (end) editor: Guo Mingyu SF008相关的主题文章: