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Comments received Electronic B 27 grade limit a rising probability of over 80% 广西大学中加学院

Comments received: B 27 grade electronic trading A shares rose 80% over the probability of hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina Financial News in February 16th, the two cities opening to go upward shocks. To close, the stock index rose 3.29%, reported 2836.57 points. 313 grading fund 281, red, electronic B and other 27 grading limit, 4 grading is still in the warning area, recommend investors cautious. Public private opinion, hundred shares limit rebound space, stock index repeatedly inevitable, before the two sessions, the probability of A shares rose more than 80%. Focus on the economic transformation of science and technology class to kill stocks. Market: stock index fell 3.29% points stand 2800 electronic B 27 grade trading A shares market: in February 16th, the two cities opening to go, all day long was a shock upward trend. To the closing stock index rose 3.29% points to 2836.57, Shenzhen Component Index rose 3.89% to close at 100045.4 points. Gem rose 4.02%, reported 2201.93 points. Plate, the whole line, shipping, software service gainers. Two, 2545 stocks gains across the board, more than 177 shares limit. Volume, the two cities total turnover of 500 billion 339 million 210 thousand yuan, compared with the previous trading volume of heavy volume. Exchange Fund: the fund index reported 5554.85 points, up 48.21 points, or 0.88%; the Shenzhen fund index closed at 7389.16 points, up 288.79 points, or 4.07%. The venue of the fund, only 636 red 982 funds, grading fund, 313 grade funds 281 only red. Among them, B 27 grade electronic trading, mutual benefit, B on the relative decline in beta A. A shares rose grading under risk by 14 fold down to 4 only A shares rose, there is the classification of the fund risk discount by 14 reduced to 4, now only 10% fell within the parent fund, which trigger the next fold threshold of 4 grade funds as below. Investors are advised to be cautious in order to avoid the risk of huge losses! At present, the stock market still has the possibility of continuous adjustment, the short-term should be away from those on the verge of down, higher leverage or higher overall premium classification B. Number of fund code fund name the latest price or discount or premium rate discount fund fell to 10.04% coal grade B 0.307 B 0.325 10.17% 5.13% 12.04% 11.30% 5.70% financial securities 10% 10% 7.35% B 0.319 B 0.349 -3.32% 7.15% 8.30% food source: Sina fund deadline: February 16, 2016: the central bank exchange rate Jufeng investment adviser stock trading firm 100 pull the rebound   today, the weight of the theme across the board started, the stock market ushered in the long opening to go. Technically, after the stock index opened lower yesterday, it opened up the gap again and rose again today 收评:电子B等27只分级涨停 A股上涨概率超80% 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端   新浪财经讯 2月16日,两市高开高走震荡向上。至收盘,沪指涨3.29%报2836.57点。313只分级基金281只收红,电子B等27只分级涨停,4只分级仍在警报区,建议投资者谨慎。公私募认为,百股涨停拉开反弹空间,股指反复难免,在两会之前,A股上涨的概率超过80%。重点关注经济转型的科技类错杀个股。   市场:沪指跌3.29%站稳2800点 电子B等27只分级涨停   A股市场:2月16日,两市高开高走,全天呈震荡向上态势。至收盘,沪指涨3.29%报2836.57点,深成指涨3.89%报100045.4点。创业板涨4.02%报2201.93点。板块方面,全线飘红,船舶、软件服务涨幅居前。两市2545股飘红,逾177股涨停。成交量方面,两市共成交5003.3921亿元,较前一交易日大幅放量。   场内基金方面:上证基金指数报5554.85点,涨48.21点,涨幅0.88%;深证基金指数报7389.16点,涨288.79点,涨幅4.07%。场内基金方面,982只基金中636只飘红,分级基金方面,313只分级基金281只收红。其中,电子B等27只分级涨停,互利B、高贝塔A跌幅相对靠前。   A股大涨 有下折风险的分级由14只缩为4只   受A股大涨影响,存在下折风险的分级基金由14只减至4只,目前母基金只需跌10%以内,即触发下折阀值的4只分级基金如下图。为防止触发下折阀值,面临巨额亏损风险,建议投资者保持谨慎!当前股市仍存在继续调整的可能,短期应该远离那些濒临下折、杠杆较高或者整体溢价较高的分级B。 序号 基金代码 基金名称 最新价 涨跌幅 折溢价率 下折母基金需跌 煤炭B级 0.307 10.04% 12.04% 5.13% 金融地B 0.325 10.17% 11.30% 5.70% 证券B基 0.319 10.00% 10.00% 7.35% 食品B 0.349 -3.32% 7.15% 8.30%   数据来源:新浪基金 截止日期:2016年2月16日   巨丰投顾:央行汇率问题坚定 百股涨停拉开反弹空间    今日,权重题材全线启动,股指迎来久违的高开高走行情。技术上,股指昨日低开高走后,今日再次高开回补缺口并大涨,同时成交量适当释放,短期反弹势头较强,但上方压力重重,股指反复难免。总体上,巨丰投顾郭一鸣认为,节后两日的强势基本确定股指的反弹行情开启,尤其是在一月份暴跌情况下,二月份反弹概率大增。当下,央行汇率问题坚定,市场信心小幅恢复,在今日百股涨停良好局面下,大盘反弹空间值得期待。    南方基金杨德龙:在两会之前 A股上涨的概率超过80%。   春节之后,A股步入了市场所寄望的“两会”前维稳时期,与我们在节前的预期一致,A股将迎来一波像样的反弹。李总理新年伊始首次表态“在经济下滑到合理范围时该出手时我们会果断出手”,有助于缓解市场对经济的担忧。根据统计,在两会之前,A股上涨的概率超过80%。而两会期间相关部委的表态将提高部分政策扶持行业的活跃度,提升市场信心。行业和板块方面,投资者可以布局一些被错杀的优质成长股,特别是代表经济转型的科技类个股。   基金策略:A短期维持震荡筑底是大概率,短期反弹势头较强,反复难免,建议波段操作。主题配置上,一方面,配置适合的定投或保本等固定收益类产品,另一方面,中长期继续考虑布局经济转型科技类个股、供给侧改革、传媒影视等主题基金。   (鸡血石) 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Profits nanzu gold upward trend has hit 1130 to 1150 market outlook 异能丑女

Profits nanzu gold upward trend has hit 1130 investors look to the 1150 FX168 hearing on Tuesday (February 2nd) the price of gold hit $1130 an ounce three month high, then although the fall from the level, but the days of stable performance, closed up slightly. The decline in crude oil prices and concerns about global growth make the hedging demand continue to support the performance of gold. However, after hitting 1130, gold traders failed to maintain the 200 day moving average of $1129 ounce, and traders’ profits once made gold reach the intraday low of $1122 ounce. Danske Bank (Danske Bank) senior analyst Jens Pedersen said: "in the short term, the gold market is from central banks last week’s dovish performance for support, mainly is the Federal Reserve and the Bank of japan." Last week, the Fed’s FOMC meeting maintained interest rates and declared a dovish vote, making the market expect a change in the Fed’s interest rate hike this year. The Bank of Japan unexpectedly made a decision on negative interest rates, shaking the market. However, due to the possibility of raising interest rates by the Federal Reserve in March, the gold uplink is limited. Julius Baer (Julius Baer) analyst Carsten Menke said: "in the next few weeks the price of gold rose to $1150 an ounce is entirely possible, and then to see how the stock market." Menke believes that the current environment is clearly supporting the price of gold in the short term. Crude oil prices continued to drop sharply on Tuesday, and the stock market was affected, driving demand for hedging. The United States WTI March crude oil futures fell on Tuesday 5.50%. London, March Brent crude futures fell on Tuesday 4.44%. The talks held between Russia and OPEC may provide some support for oil prices, but the hope of reducing production is still very slim. At the same time, the market’s concerns and supply increase for energy consuming countries are continuing to depress the market. European stock markets tumbled after falling oil prices. Ftseurofirst 300 index Tuesday fell 2.18%; the FTSE 100 index fell on Tuesday 1.94%; French CAC40 index fell on Tuesday 2.62%; the German DAX 30 index fell on Tuesday 2.38%. In addition, the data released by the European statistics agency (Eurostat) showed that the unemployment rate in the euro area dropped from 10.5% in November to 10.4% in December, the lowest since September 2011. The euro was boosted by buying, rising to 1.0939 against the dollar, rebounding for two consecutive trading days. In addition, LBMA announced on Tuesday the price of precious metals this year, the survey shows that analysts expect the first half of this year, the average price of gold $1091 ounce, the annual average price of $1103 ounce, an increase of 1.1% compared to the same period. Beijing time 06:20, spot gold quoted $1128.6 ounce. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

获利了结难阻黄金上行趋势 1130已触后市望向1150   FX168讯 周二(2月2日)金价一度触及1130美元 盎司的三个月新高,此后虽然自该水平回落,但日内表现稳定,小幅收涨。原油价格的下跌和对全球增长的担忧使得避险需求继续支撑着黄金的表现。   不过在触及1130的水平之后,由于金价没能维持住200日均线水平1129美元 盎司,交易员们的获利了结一度使得金价触及1122美元 盎司的日内低点。   丹斯克银行(Danske Bank)高级分析师Jens Pedersen表示:“短期而言,黄金市场正从央行们上周的鸽派表现寻求支撑,主要就是美联储和日本央行。”   上周美联储FOMC会议维持利率,并且声明偏鸽派,使得市场对今年美联储加息预期出现改变。而日本央行则意外的做出负利率的决定,震动市场。   然而,由于3月美联储依然有可能加息,因此黄金上行受到限制。   宝盛银行(Julius Baer)分析师Carsten Menke表示:“在未来几周金价上涨到1150美元 盎司是完全可能的,然后就要看股市怎么样了。”   Menke认为,目前的环境显然在短期内是对金价有所支撑的。   周二日内原油价格继续大幅走低,股市也受到影响,推动避险需求。   美国WTI原油3月期货周二收跌5.50%。伦敦方面,布伦特原油3月期货周二收跌4.44%。俄罗斯与OPEC举行会谈的可能为油价提供了一些支撑,不过合作减产希望依然非常渺茫,同时市场对能源消费大国中国的担忧和供应增加都在继续打压市场。   受油价下滑影响,欧洲股市全线重挫。泛欧绩优300指数周二收跌2.18%;英国FTSE 100指数周二收跌1.94%;法国CAC40指数周二收跌2.62%;德国DAX 30指数周二收跌2.38%。   另外,欧盟统计局(Eurostat)公布的数据显示,欧元区12月份失业率从11月的10.5%,下降至10.4%,创下2011年9月以来最低。   欧元受到买需提振,兑美元震荡走高至1.0939,连续两个交易日反弹走高。   此外,LBMA在本周二公布了对今年贵金属价格的预期,调查显示,分析师们预计,今年上半年黄金均价1091美元 盎司,全年均价1103美元 盎司,同比将有1.1%的涨幅。   北京时间06:20,现货黄金报价1128.6美元 盎司。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Ministry of Commerce open to TTIP negotiations – Sohu Finance 叶丽美

Department of Commerce: Open – Sohu JINGWAH Financial Times News (reporter Hao Shaoying) on the TTIP negotiations with the Ministry of Commerce yesterday held a regular press conference, the EU plans to accelerate the "trans the Atlantic trade and investment partnership agreement" (TTIP) negotiations on the issue, the spokesman Shen Danyang said that for TTIP negotiations, China has been very concerned about. For all the FTA arrangements conducive to Global trade liberalization and regional economic integration, as long as it is to uphold the open related stock movements and the principle of transparency, China is open. Shen Danyang said, from the economic scale of TTIP, once completed, will be more than the North American Free Trade Area (NAFTA), the "trans Pacific Partnership Agreement" (TPP), "the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement" (RCEP), to become the world’s largest FTA rules bring important influence to the global political and economic pattern, evolution. Shen Danyang pointed out that the 11 round of negotiations have been carried out under the TTIP, the United States and Europe have been discussed in terms of most areas, exchange second tariff concessions bids, covering 97% of tariff lines, and investment and services, government procurement and other areas to offer exchange arrangements to reach a consensus. But there are still many differences in the fields of goods trade, service trade, investment and regulatory consistency. TTIP has not attracted China’s participation at present. Shen Danyang said, China has always insisted that all regions and all kinds of free trade arrangements should be transparent, open and inclusive, to create a more free and convenient environment for Global trade, enhance the well-being of the rest of the world, "we TTIP’s attitude towards the same". > > hot response does not exist capital flight phenomenon intensified in January, imports from Hongkong to the mainland has greatly increased, the growth rate reached 108%, with a view, is the capital flight caused false trading again. In this regard, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang said yesterday, at present, China’s international balance of payments remains robust, China economy and domestic market fundamentals are good, there is no basis for the continued depreciation of the rmb. As a result, there is no such phenomenon as the so-called "capital flight". Shen Danyang said that in January, the mainland imports from Hongkong grew by a large margin of 108%, the increase seems particularly. However, this growth rate is not unusual, considering that the base number was only $790 million in the same period last year. The mainland market is huge, and actively expand imports, in a low base case of Hong Kong slightly enlarged the number of imports, such as increased imports of gold and other consumer products, growth may expand.

商务部:对TTIP谈判持开放态度-搜狐财经   京华时报讯(记者郝少颖)昨天商务部举行例行发布会,针对欧盟计划加速推进《跨大西洋贸易和投资伙伴关系协定》(简称TTIP)谈判一事,新闻发言人沈丹阳表示,对于TTIP谈判,中方一直很关注,对于一切有利于全球贸易自由化和区域经济一体化的自贸协定安排,只要是秉持开 相关公司股票走势 放和透明的原则,中方都持开放态度。   沈丹阳说,从经济规模看,TTIP一旦建成,将超过北美自由贸易区(NAFTA)、《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定》(TPP)、《区域全面经济伙伴关系协定》(RCEP),成为全球最大的自贸区,给全球政治、经贸格局演变、规则制定带来重要影响。   沈丹阳指出,在TTIP业已进行的11轮谈判中,美欧已就大部分领域开展讨论,交换了第二次关税减让出价,覆盖97%的关税税目,并就服务、投资和政府采购等领域的出价交换安排达成共识。但在货物贸易、服务贸易、投资和监管一致性等不少领域还存在较大分歧。   TTIP目前没有吸纳中国参与。沈丹阳表示,中国历来主张各地区、各类自由贸易安排应当保持透明、开放和包容,能够为全球贸易创造更加自由和便利的环境,增进世界各国人民的福祉,“我们对于TTIP的态度同样如此”。   >>热点回应   不存在资金加剧外逃现象1月份,内地从香港进口大幅度增长,增幅达到108%,有观点认为,是资金出逃引发的虚假贸易再次出现。对此,商务部新闻发言人沈丹阳昨天回应说,目前我国国际收支仍然稳健,中国经济和国内市场基本面良好,不存在人民币持续贬值的基础。因此,不存在所谓的资金加剧大量外逃的现象。   沈丹阳表示,1月份,内地从香港进口大幅度增长108%,增幅看似特别。但是,考虑到去年同期基数只有7.9亿美元,这个增长幅度并不异常。内地市场庞大,而且在积极扩大进口,在基数较低的情况下,对港稍扩大一些进口,比如增加黄金和其他消费类产品的进口,增幅就可能扩大了。相关的主题文章:

High performance low power top king Longmen education equity stock price 365 yuan ultra Kweichow Mou 白菊曲

High performance low power top equity education 365 yuan price Super Dragon King Kweichow Moutai   each by the full education reporter Bi Huazhang was the summit of A shares "King" throne is still impressive, but in the new third board market, the education belong to the concept of Education (838830) is also not inferior. At present, Longmen education price has reached 365 yuan, not only to become the new third market budding first high priced stocks, but also beyond the A shares of the most expensive stocks Kweichow Moutai (600519, SH), has become the capital market the new "king". However, the daily economic news reporter noted that the market in the heat of the high price of education in Longmen, the number of shares of its relatively small amount of attention. Longmen education in 2015 net profit of 48 million 200 thousand and 900 yuan, in the new three board belongs to the performance of the former company. At the same time, Longmen education listing only 5 million 600 thousand shares of equity. "We really didn’t expect the stock price to rise so high. The company’s share capital is very small, and the turnover is very small, and the stock price surge is not worth showing off." Longmen education stakeholders in the "daily economic news" reporter, said, Longmen education team culture is to focus on education and teaching, the stock price speculation is not too much value. For the highly sought after education concept stocks, Nanshan investment executive director Zhou Yunnan believes that "whether the motherboard or the new three board, nearly two years of education concept stocks has been hot and tuyere.". In the next few years, education concept stocks, including K12 Education (Basic Education) and vocational education industry, will be the golden development period." Net profit soared more than 10 times, Longmen education registration address is located in Xi’an, the current major market is also in Shaanxi. Its main business is in the college entrance examination education training service and teaching software sales, with full-time face-to-face training and teaching assistant software, provides the teaching service for college students. As the new third board market, only a few education and training listed company, Longmen education performance is quite brisk. Daily economic news reporter combing found that Longmen education in 2015 to achieve operating income of 151 million yuan, an increase of 430.02% over the previous year. Net profit of 48 million 200 thousand and 900 yuan in 2015, an increase of 1089.94%. Longmen education stakeholders in the "daily economic news" reporter, said, 2015 revenue increased significantly compared to 2014, the reason is that the number of students continues to increase, the total number of students increased from 3046 in 2014 to 7907 in 2015. "The company has also increased the fees for single students in the school, and in 2015, a new" jump Longmen college entrance examination knowledge point excavator "software sales business." Longmen education stakeholders said. In 2015 three new board listed company, Jinqiao, education (835497) gross margin of 59%, China map Education (830858) gross margin of 60.50%, a good education (833142) gross margin of 59.81%, industry three comparable companies on flat 高业绩低股本助力登顶股王 龙门教育365元股价超贵州茅台     每经记者 毕华章   一度登顶A股“股王”宝座的全通教育依然令人印象深刻,而在新三板市场,同属教育概念的龙门教育(838830)亦不逊色。   目前,龙门教育股价已高达365元,不仅成为新三板市场新晋第一高价股,也超越A股最高价股票贵州茅台(600519,SH),成为资本市场新晋“股王”。   不过,《每日经济新闻》记者注意到,市场在热议龙门教育的高股价之际,对其股本数量较少的情况亦多有关注。龙门教育2015年实现净利润4820.09万元,在新三板中属于业绩靠前的公司。与此同时,龙门教育挂牌时的股本仅有560万股。   “我们确实也没有想到刚挂牌股价就升到这么高。公司股本非常小,成交量也很少,对于股价的飙升,不认为值得炫耀。”龙门教育相关人士在接受《每日经济新闻》记者采访时表示,龙门教育的团队文化是将精力专注于教育教学,对股价的炒作并不太看重。   对于备受追捧的教育概念股,南山投资执行董事周运南认为,“无论是主板还是新三板,近两年教育概念股一直是热门和风口。未来几年内,教育概念股包括K12教育(基础教育)和职业教育产业都将是黄金发展期。”    ●净利润同比飙升逾10倍    龙门教育注册地址位于西安,目前主要市场也在陕西。其主营业务是中高考教育培训服务及教学软件销售业务,以全日制面授培训以及配合教学软件辅佐,为中高考学生提供教学服务。   作为新三板市场仅有的几家教育培训类挂牌公司,龙门教育的业绩颇为亮眼。   《每日经济新闻》记者梳理发现,龙门教育2015年实现营业收入1.51亿元,较上年同比增长430.02%。2015年度实现净利润4820.09万元,同比增长1089.94%。   龙门教育相关人士在接受《每日经济新闻》记者采访时表示,2015年营业收入较2014年大幅增长的原因是,学生人数不断增加,学生总人数由2014年的3046人,增加到2015年的7907人。   “公司还提高了单个在校学生的收费标准,并且还在2015年新增加了《跃龙门中高考知识点挖掘机》软件的销售业务。”龙门教育相关人士称。   在新三板挂牌公司中,2015年,金侨教育(835497)毛利率59%,华图教育(830858)毛利率60.50%,佳一教育(833142)毛利率59.81%,行业内三家可比公司的平均毛利率为59.77%,而龙门教育的毛利率则高达71.96%。    ●股价365元成新三板“股王”    龙门教育问鼎新三板及A股第一高价股,股价高达365元并超越贵州茅台,对于龙门教育的管理层而言,也有些出乎意料。   “我们确实也没有想到刚挂牌股价就升到这么高。公司股本非常小,成交量也很少。我们对股价的飙升不觉得值得炫耀。”龙门教育相关人士对《每日经济新闻》记者表示,龙门教育的团队文化是将精力专注于教育教学,对股价的炒作并不特别看重。   南山投资执行董事周运南认为,龙门教育作为一只协议转让的股票,暂时以365元的单价被封为“股王”,只是外界的一种炒作而已,对新三板市场而言并无特别意义。“新三板之前也出现过不少单价比它高的股票,并且龙门教育是协议转让而且只有少量成交,不能充分证明这个价格的合理性。”   挖贝新三板研究院研究员毛云杰也认为,“包括龙门教育在内的采取协议转让的股票,存在自由议价,而A股市场估值体系又与新三板协议交易的股票估值存在根本性差异,因此不能作为合理的参照。”   值得一提的是,从去年的股王全通教育,到如今的新晋股王龙门教育,教育概念股已多次受到市场的追捧。   对此,周运南表示,“无论是主板还是新三板,近两年教育概念股一直是热门和风口。未来几年内,教育概念股包括K12教育和职业教育产业都将是黄金发展期。”   毛云杰则对《每日经济新闻》记者表示,教育行业良好的现金流和抗风险能力使得市场更加关注。“随着社会对技能型人才的需求越来越强烈,教育领域不断细化,呈现多元化发展。这个过程中,教育的移动化特征会更加明显,尤其是在线教育。”    ●低股本与高股价存反差    《每日经济新闻》记者注意到,龙门教育挂牌时仅有560万股股本,在新三板市场亦属于股本较少的公司之一,与全通教育6亿多股股本不可同日而语。   “一个公司的股价取决于净利润和公司股本,业绩好股本低自然价格高,龙门教育挂牌时仅有560万股,2015年的净利润却高达4820.09万元,股价高并不奇怪。”周运南称。   他指出,由于《公司法》修改后对股份公司的股本要求大幅降低,所以新三板出现了很多小股本的公司,甚至还出现了低于100万股的挂牌企业。   由于公司在挂牌新三板前的税收优惠力度没有挂牌后的力度大,周运南分析称,“所以很多公司不愿意在股改时进行股本扩张,而是等到挂牌成功后再送转股扩张股本。”   周运南表示,作为高价股,通过送转股来主动降低股价是必经之路。“通过高送转增加总股本量,降低股票市场单价,其目的是增加股票的流通性,以便二级市场交易。高股价给投资者带来的最大不便就是交易门槛太高。”他举例称,新三板交易是以千股为单位,每笔至少1000股,相当于龙门教育至少要36.5万元才能交易一笔。   此外,增加股本也有助于获取做市库存股,实施员工激励,以及后续引进新的投资者时开展定增等。   龙门教育相关人士对《每日经济新闻》记者表示,公司目前股本数量较少,后续会在引入新的投资者或实施员工激励时增发股份,届时,股本会逐渐增多。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Oil prices fluctuate, three barrels of oil tend to be soft, dragging Hong Kong stocks 丹东供求信息网上看报

The oil price fluctuations of three barrels of oil soft drag on the sina finance client: Hong Kong stocks trend most profitable investors have three barrels of oil soft movements in Hong Kong stock market through the level2 drag mechanism cards Hong Kong stocks yesterday, the Hang Seng Index rose after the first showing down trend, the 19000 point mark fall again. Market analysis pointed out that the recent international oil price volatility, the world’s major stock markets and futures commodity market will still be the benchmark oil prices, and follow the fluctuations in oil prices and major currencies, so it is expected that short-term Hong Kong stocks will continue to compete around 19000 points. Overnight U.S. stocks significantly stronger, the three major U.S. stock indexes rose sharply across the board, the Dow rose more than 200 points in early trading, Hong Kong stocks boosted HSI opened. With the global warming stock market, there are stocks investors bargain hunting, the Consumer Discretionary stocks and industrial stocks and technology stocks in the non buying support rose sharply, closing at 16196 points, up 222 points; the NASDAQ index closed at 4435 points, up 98 points; the S & P 500 index closed at 1895 points, up 30 point. By the external market strong stimulus, Hong Kong stocks yesterday after the opening once soared more than 180, but subsequently turned down, "three barrels of oil" weak trend dragged down in the afternoon, HSI fell by up to 200 points, 19000 points to fall again, intraday low 18909, 18924.57 reported receiving point decline in 1%, the big city turnover compared to the previous trading by nearly 6% to 669.51 billion. Oil stocks dragged from blue chip stocks and sector performance, the oil sector continues to follow the international oil price fluctuations, Chinese oil (00857.HK) to become the most powerful performance of blue chips in the previous trading day after yesterday with the Sinopec (00386.HK), Chinese offshore oil (00883.HK) and Kunlun energy (00135.HK) opt decline, the decline ranged from about 3%~4%, become the four blue chip market performance of the most vulnerable stocks yesterday. International rating agency Moodie said, in order to reflect the oil prices fell significantly over the past 10 years low, may make the mainland state-owned oil company’s cash flow is more weak and even lead to financial deterioration, the agency may cut the number of mainland oil company’s credit rating, including China petroleum, Sinopec and Chinese offshore oil etc.. It is reported that the above three companies are currently rated as "AA3"". A survey of big foreign investment bank Merrill Lynch released the latest results show that global fund managers lack of confidence in the stock market, cash holdings rose to 5.6%, the highest since 2001 November high; the fund managers surveyed net stock holdings ratio fell to nearly 5%, down 16 percentage points compared with January, Europe is still the most fund managers optimistic about the market; fund managers are expected to have a negative view of the listed corporate profit growth for the first time since July 2012. Oil price and exchange rate focus market analysis suggests that international oil prices and the performance of major national currencies are still factors that investors need to pay attention to. It is reported that Saudi Arabia and Russia and other countries, oil production reached before the freeze, but on

油价波动较大 三桶油偏软走势拖累港股 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌   港股昨日受到“三桶油”偏软走势的拖累,恒生指数走势呈现先升后跌的态势,19000点关口再次失守。市场分析指出,近期国际油价波动较大,全球各主要股市及期货商品市场仍将以油价表现为标杆,并跟随油价及主要货币汇率波动,因此预期短期港股仍将围绕19000点展开争夺。   隔夜美股显著走强,美国三大股指全线大幅上涨,道指大升逾200点,提振港股在早盘恒指高开。随着环球股市升温,有美股投资者趁低吸纳,道指在非必须消费品类股、工业股及科技股买盘的支持下大幅上涨,收报16196点,升222点;纳斯达克指数收报4435点,升98点;标普500指数收报1895点,升30点。受到外围股市走强的刺激,港股昨日开盘后曾一度大升超过180点,但其后又掉头向下,受到“三桶油”走势疲软的拖累,恒指在下午最多下跌200多点,19000点关口再度失守,盘中低见18909点,收市报18924.57点,跌幅近1%,大市成交额较前一个交易减少近6%至669.51亿港元。   石油股拖累蓝筹   从个股及板块表现看,石油板块继续跟随国际油价出现波动,中国石油(00857.HK)继在前一交易日成为表现最强势的蓝筹股后,昨日又与中国石化(00386.HK)、中国海洋石油(00883.HK)和昆仑能源(00135.HK)齐齐下滑,跌幅介于3%~4%左右,成为昨日港股市场表现最弱势的四只蓝筹股。   国际评级机构穆迪表示,为反映油价显著下跌至10多年来的新低,可能令内地国营石油企业的现金流更为疲弱甚至导致财务状态恶化,该机构可能会下调多家内地石油公司的信贷评级,其中包括中国石油、中国石化及中国海洋石油等。据悉,上述三家公司目前的评级为“AA3”。   外资大行美银美林最新公布的一项调查结果显示,环球基金经理对股市缺乏信心,持有现金的比例升到5.6%,创2001年11月份以来新高;受访基金经理净增持股票比率降至近5%,较一月份下降16个百分点,欧洲仍然是最被基金经理看好的市场;基金经理对上市企业利润增长预期均持负面看法,为2012年7月以来首次。   油价和汇率成焦点   市场分析认为,国际油价以及主要国家货币的表现依然是投资者需要重点留意的因素。据悉,沙特阿拉伯和俄罗斯等国日前达成石油产量冻结协议,但市场对产油国减产的憧憬落空,令国际油价近日冲高后又再回软。另外,多种主要货币仍处于寻找新平衡点的阶段,汇市有进入短期双向反复的趋稳迹象。以美元指数来看,最新的合理波动范围大约在95.5至97.5之间,美元兑日元则徘徊在1:112至1:115的范围,欧元兑美元停留在1:1.0900至1:1.1350,美元兑人民币在1:6.48至1:6.56之间波动。   “如果主要货币的汇率能够在目前范围内反复趋稳,对股市来说将会是最理想的状态。”香港第一上海首席策略员叶尚志认为,目前暂时可以视为大升后回吐走势来看待,港股大盘弱势反弹格局并未受到严重破坏,但恒指需要进一步升穿前一级微型浪顶19398点来强化反弹势头。他建议投资者留意中资券商、互联网、汽车以及铁路等具有较强弹性修复特点的中型优质股板块。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: