Car park 80 yuan an hour what car dare to go (video) footman

Parking lot 80 yuan an hour what car dare to go red line parking not mistakenly ran a red light punishment complaint can be impunity for owners, should be no less to charge parking lot car, parking lot is generally tens of dollars parking fees. But in Shanghai, there is a parking lot, parking an hour to close 80 yuan. We can see that the parking lot, the hotel price tag: 80 dollars an hour. Has been unable to afford a house, can not afford to buy a car, can not afford a cemetery, according to this trend, it is estimated that after the car can not afford to stop! So, in this garage, will stop what car? See the car, don’t think Ford Mondeo. Ford Martin face above, but to copy the people of Aston, the Martin. In the garage, there’s a Aston, Martin, to tell the truth! This is a limited edition of Porsche 918 (with the Senate, pictures, inquiry), in the country a lot of wealthy owners like to buy Porsche luxury cars, of which 918 is undoubtedly very popular. While on the side of it, and a McLaren P1, worth tens of millions. Yellow Ferrari, usually rare, more common or red Ferrari. This yellow Ferrari 599 (with the Senate, pictures, inquiry), Ann quietly stopped here, in the super run, the most profitable should be the number of Ferrari family! In addition to run, there still have a big big boss of Rolls-Royce Nouveau riche. Several Rolls-Royce car parked together, that which is domineering. Sure enough 80 dollars an hour parking fee, the majority of the owners still reluctant to give, only the boss was so extravagant! See also Aston Martin, and a BMW X6 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), and the Land Rover range rover. Visual X6 boss, should be more than a car, open Rover (ginseng, pictures, friends and inquiry). A Mercedes, a Rolls-Royce convertible, and a TOYOTA, have to say, TOYOTA owners really domineering! Can stop into the garage, it is estimated that the rich.相关的主题文章: