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The UK student visa policy or there will be a major adjustment as the Conservative Party veteran, Teresa · Mei (Theresa May) as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after the immigration policy has been the subject of much attention. In many media opinion, there is a migration killer, said Mei, the future may continue to tighten visa policy. From the day before the British home office to discuss policy perspective, this speculation seems to become a reality. "Not lenient" on foreign students in the conservative party conference held recently in the UK Bermingham, was promoted the new interior minister, amber · Luther (Amber Rudd) issued a package of visa and strictly controlling immigration measures, including the closure of some is recognized as profit and open university courses, improve the international student enrollment threshold and the possibility of restricting more foreigners to leave work. Robert said, in the next year from Europe, the government will consider slashing the number of immigrants, foreign students visas and work visas are likely to encounter major changes. The media the reform plan by the British "Daily Telegraph" reported, called the history of the most stringent immigration deal, even if has not been finalized, still sparked all kinds of speculation. According to Robert statement, not only to the future of the British strongly advocated restricting immigration, but also restrictions on foreign students in the uk. In order to further tighten immigration, visa caliber, amber that the government is prepared to introduce a 140 million pound "immigration control fund", from the two aspects of employers and employees strictly. Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) said that since 2011, the net number of immigrants has maintained a substantial growth, and in just the past 12 months, the total net immigration again hit a record high, reaching 340 thousand people, half of them from non EU countries, much higher than the government set before the cap 100 thousand. In order to reduce the immigration population to a reasonable level, the British government has been strictly controlled immigration as a key issue. In order to reduce the number of immigrants, the British government had repeatedly change the student visa policy, which is a secondary effect of the biggest 2012, Mei led the Ministry of the interior to cancel the PSW visa (Post-study Work, namely the international graduates of two-year work visa policy). PSW visa is designed to get a bachelor’s degree, master’s and doctoral degree students have plenty of time to find a job after graduation, valid for 2 years. After the cancellation of this visa policy, many foreign students because the visa time is not enough to find a job, but returned home. Last July, British immigration again after a lapse of 3 years issued major provisions: at College (College), holding T4 student visa non EU students, regardless of their enrolled in public or private school, shall not engage in any form of work in the visa period. In addition, school students will not be allowed to directly in the UK student visa renewal or to a work visa. At the same time, the new regulations to shorten the time for overseas students to attend preparatory courses, the provisions of the maximum length of not more than two years. BBC said the policy was born in August last year.相关的主题文章: